Chapter 601 - Overly Handsome Fu Jiu

Chapter 601: Overly Handsome Fu Jiu

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Yun Hu’s first reaction was to look at Qin Mo.

With the National League approaching, it wouldn’t be good for them to engage in any form of sport, especially not when the opponent was expected to play dirty.

Feng Yi had been warning them for the past few days not to engage in fights in their heated moments.

He could handle it on his own, but now that Little Spade was with him, if something were to happen, Supreme Alliance would be left without two of their main powers.

But Little Spade had already removed his outerwear and their captain didn’t seem to have any intentions to stop him.

Yun Hu opened his mouth, prepared to warn him.

“You guys have never played together before,” Qin Mo spoke calmly, “Treat the court as gaming terrain and use it as practice.”

Yun Hu agreed with a deep tone. “Alright.”

With Qin Mo’s reassurance, Yun Hu went all out. Sometimes, teamwork didn’t just come from the gaming terrains but rather an accumulation of experience.

The basketball was already in Fu Jiu’s hands. Before they started, she decided to tease the Almighty. “Brother Mo, will I be awarded if I win?”

Qin Mo glanced over at the youngster, breaking into a smile. “Of course.”

“Then I’ll give it my all.” Fu Jiu thought about his extravagant personality, his rewards would definitely be something pricey! Losing definitely wasn’t an option.

Meanwhile, the trouble maker caressed his face when he saw Fu Jiu entering the court, speaking menacingly, “Let them see what skills are.”

“Don’t worry, Captain, just a knock and that small thing would lose an arm.”

Just as Yun Hu had predicted, this wasn’t going to be a friendly match.

The spectators were starting to worry for the youngster. “Can he do it? With such a slender figure, it feels as though he will be sent flying right away.”

“You should be worrying about whether he can score a goal. With his height, he will be blocked by the time he reaches the basket.”

“Why did Senior Yun find such help, it’s making me anxious.”


The starting sound broke their conversation.

Both teams went for the ball.

Yun Hu’s starting jump had absolute advantage, with just a slam, the ball reached his teammate, which sadly wasn’t skilled. Thus, after just three steps, the ball was snatched away.

“Trash!” That person dribbled the ball as he turned to direct a mocking glance at Yun Hu. “Come on, brothers, let’s take them down!”

Just as they were feeling arrogant, a figure bent low before flying past his side!

The speed was extremely fast — by the time he could react, the ball was already out of his hand!

“Bast*rd!” He scowled, they had to defend!

But it was already too late.


The ball went into the loop perfectly.

As the youngster landed, his silver hair was waving slightly, looking ravishing.

Instantly, there was an uproar from the audience!

It was too fast!

It was really too fast!

A University’s sports students weren’t weak and belonged to the best during inter-university games.

The reason their captain constantly provoked Yun Hu was because of his loss to Yun Hu. Since then, he tried to recruit Yun Hu only to be rejected.

Hence, he constantly caused trouble for Yun Hu. Even though he would lose every single time, he never seemed to learn.

In the past, the people around Yun Hu weren’t cooperative, making every match laborious.

But today’s situation was different.

The moment the youngster landed, he recovered swiftly, his unconcealed side profile exquisite and ravishing.