Chapter 602 - Hug, Hug, Hug!

Chapter 602: Hug, Hug, Hug!

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“F*ck, he’s so cool! How can he be so cool? Where did Senior Yun know such a person!”

“Calm down, let’s form a group to ask for his WeChat.”

“My nose is going to start bleeding!”

As the cheers blazed on, the few sports students clenched their fists, their captain, in particular, was affected. “Look out for that guy! Close in on him!”

With such a plan in place, Fu Jiu was blocked by four of them.

“Let’s see how you are going to play now!”

The person’s eyes turned a scary shade of red, which seemed almost murderous.

But at this moment, the youngster took a step back abruptly. The moment both feet were on the ground, his red hand curved upwards beautifully.


A perfect three-pointer!

The crowd was really going into a craze.

“Sharpshooter indeed!”

“Is this hot guy originally in charge of long-range shots!?”

“Is that important, his looks are the most important!”

Unlike the women, Qin Mo wasn’t paying attention to the youngster’s face, but rather his creamy skin, which peeked through whenever he jumped upwards.

It was indeed very charming.

If they were in bed, it would probably look even better.

But as Qin Mo didn’t want to share such a view with anyone else, his gaze darkened.

It seemed like some matters had to be hastened.

For instance, he had to use extreme measures to convert the youngster or perhaps announce that the youngster belonged to him…

At this moment, on the court, both teams were still fighting it off.

This time, the person was much tougher, surrounding Fu Jiu entirely. This meant that she wouldn’t be given the opportunity to shoot a three-pointer.

“This is bad!”

The juniors clenched onto their tops, worried that the ball would be snatched from the youngster’s hands.

In this situation, as soon as the youngster raised his hand, the ball would definitely be snatched away.

The sports students were certain the tables were being turned!

But at this moment, the youngster threw the ball to the bottom right.

The sports students smirked, assuming he couldn’t withstand their pressure.

Who could have known, however, that just as they thought they would capture the ball, Yun Hu appeared, dribbling it away and into the loop.


Another point!


The sports students were dumbfounded, they had focused their powers all on the youngster, completely forgetting about Yun Hu.

Quickly, they realized that they hadn’t done anything wrong.

The two of them had actually come up with a communication method in the short span they were on the court.

When they had the youngster cornered, Yun Hu would follow behind closely.

Besides, they had so many fake moves that made it almost impossible to defend against!


The last three-pointer landed.

The sports students were down by 20 points and they were basically playing against two players as the others just helped to pass the ball, which was unsuccessful at times.

Which meant that they were playing a 5v2 but still managed to lose?

This was so humiliating!

The few sports students exchanged glances before grabbing their things and making a quick escape.

Yun Hu wiped the sweat off his forehead. “I never knew you could jump that high.”

“That isn’t much.” Fu Jiu wanted to be humble about her coolness, but Qin Mo happened to pass by at this moment, his voice nonchalant. “It really isn’t much for a ceiling climbing scholar.”

Fu Jiu lifted a brow, prepared to retort but the Almighty walked over to her side and suddenly reached out his arm to pull her into his embrace…