Chapter 603 - The Reward You Wanted

Chapter 603: The Reward You Wanted

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Even Fu Jiu, who could barely be caught off guard, hadn’t expected the Almighty’s actions.

His familiar tobacco scent and steady heartbeat engulfed her senses.

The clamor of the people around them seemed so distant.

She couldn’t express how she felt about the hug.

If her arm hadn’t blocked her chest, the result would have been disastrous.

Just as Fu Jiu was sighing in relief, the crowd stared at them blankly.

What was with this situation?

Was it a celebration?

But they had never seen such a celebration before!

Yun Hu paused in the middle of his action, his expression indecipherable.

In this big world, there would always be girls interested in male homosexual couples, especially within the campus. It was hard not to have any wayward thoughts from this scene.

Quickly, the crowd broke into a frenzy of discussions.

“Are they a couple?”

“It seems like it.”

“I have never seen such a dashing couple. They sure are gutsy, hehe, flaunting their love so publicly.”

Gutsy?! Flaunting their love? Fu Jiu wanted to tell them they were overthinking.


“Brother Mo, with such a big crowd, this hug isn’t appropriate right?” Fu Jiu reached out to pry him aside.

Qin Mo didn’t let go. “Didn’t you ask for a reward?”

Fu Jiu: … This was the reward the Almighty was talking about?

“Why? Are you unsatisfied with me?”

The Almighty lifted a brow, tilting his head to face her, his warm breath falling onto her ear — an image which sent the girls into excitement…

At this moment, a startled voice asked, “Cap-captain, what are you guys doing?”

The startled voice wasn’t from a stranger, it was from Lin Feng, who came dashing over when he heard that the sports students were causing trouble.

But he never expected to be welcomed by such a scene… Honestly, it was a huge shock!

Qin Mo, who was cut off mid-sentence, narrowed his eyes.

Fu Jiu found an escape out of the hug and turned towards Lin Feng. “Don’t misunderstand, Brother Mo was giving me my reward.”

“What reward?” He wanted to know what reward warranted a hug!

Fu Jiu replied, “For winning the basketball match.”

Lin Feng remained skeptical, pulling Little Spade to the side to ask in a hushed voice, “Little Spade, tell me honestly, were you the one who requested for such a reward?”

“Yes and no.” Fu Jiu turned back to glance at the Almighty.

Lin Feng shook his head. “I thought you had given up on Captain after getting a girlfriend, I never expected you to be so devoted. But Captain sure has an amazing personality, even though he is aware of your secret admiration, he didn’t make things difficult for you.”

“Secret admiration…?” Fu Jiu couldn’t believe it, hadn’t she cleared herself of her suspicion? After such a long time, she assumed that the Almighty had forgotten she had wanted to keep him at home. A dark past was indeed difficult to exterminate.

If she followed that thought, the reward that the Almighty had given her… was indulgent towards a ‘younger brother’.

“But there is something I have to remind you even though it might hurt your feelings.” Lin Feng turned solemn in an instant.

Fu Jiu rose her brows. “What is it?”

“Yesterday night, when we were at the convenience store in front of Pure Color, Captain was having a date with a beautiful woman.” Lin Feng lowered his voice. “They seemed to be very in love and had even locked lips in front of us.”

Fu Jiu: “…”