Chapter 604 - Girlfriend?

Chapter 604: Girlfriend?

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She didn’t wish to speak, she needed peace!

Lin Feng took in the youngster’s lack of response, assuming he was feeling down. Hence, he started to comfort her. “You don’t have to be too upset, isn’t it good to date a girl? It’ll take your mind of Captain.”

As Fu Jiu still didn’t move, Lin Feng exhaled deeply. “When the girl I fancied fell for Hu, that’s how I felt, brother understands how you feel.”

Fu Jiu: “…”

“But why are you and Captain here?” After getting his gossip, Lin Feng went straight to business.

As it was finally a proper question, Fu Jiu wasn’t at loss for words any longer. “Brother Mo suggested it, we’re here to find you and Yun Hu to play hero, we can form a team.”

“Great!” Lin Feng’s eyes lit up. “The thesis was making my head hurt, I never expected Captain to stay so professional even after getting a girlfriend.”

Fu Jiu paused in the middle of walking. “I don’t think she is Brother Mo’s girlfriend, he didn’t introduce her, after all.”

The Almighty only kissed her in order to protect her identity.

But Lin Feng didn’t know this, thus directing a pitiful gaze towards Fu Jiu. “If that would make you feel better, you reason yourself into it. This kid is still having delusions.”

Fu Jiu: “…”

“What delusions?” Qin Mo walked forward, directing his gaze towards Lin Feng, a tinge of coldness within its depths.

Lin Feng replied instantly, “What else, Little Spade can’t accept that Captain has a girlfriend.”

“When did I get a girlfriend?” Qin Mo’s voice was dangerously cold.

Lin Feng bit his tongue. “That-that was just a guess because of your date with the beautiful girl last night. It can’t be taken seriously.”

Fu Jiu tried to stop Lin Feng, but it was too late.

After hearing Lin Feng’s words, Yun Hu’s face grew even more indecipherable.

He decided to tug him over instead, changing the topic wittily. “It’s going to be 6 pm. If we’re really going to practice, should we grab dinner first?”

“Alright, let’s have dinner!” Lin Feng didn’t forget tapping onto Yun Hu’s shoulder. “Good thinking, bro, Captain probably wouldn’t have been too willing to talk about what happened yesterday.”

Yun Hu glanced at this boy that was around 3 cm shorter, his dashing appearance with eyes that were as round as the eyes of a tiger.

Forget it, this guy could continue to be silly.

He couldn’t help but push Lin Feng’s head down.

The four vastly different styled people walked together, their actions warm and filled with love.

It was definitely fan service for all those girls into gay couples.

All that could be heard in A University’s basketball court was sweetness.

Qin Mo walked beside Fu Jiu, lifting a brow as he glanced at the youngster. “You can’t accept my girlfriend?”

Fu Jiu filled a need to clarify the matter or this dark history would never be erased.

“Brother Mo, have you experienced those moments your brain isn’t working well and you mistake your admiration as liking someone?” Fu Jiu asked, her eyes clear. “That’s how I was back in the past. When I said I wanted to keep you, it was pure admiration. What I mean is…”

Qin Mo cut the youngster off calmly, his gaze darkening. “Are you trying to say that you have never liked me before?”