Chapter 605 - Discovered but No Explanation

Chapter 605: Discovered but No Explanation

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Student Jiu was stumped by the question.

It would seem hurtful if she answered him, but if she didn’t, the Almighty would probably misunderstand. He might think she still harbors ulterior motives.

Qin Mo looked over at the motionless youngster and replied, “Forget it, you don’t have to answer me.”

Then he took large strides forward, his fingers clenching uncontrollably. Perhaps that was the only way to suppress the ache that was spreading within him.

He wouldn’t have wanted to hear the youngster’s response.

And that someone was still staring at him, his unapproachable rear view. Fu Jiu reached for her nose bridge subconsciously.

Lin Feng seemed to have sensed something as he walked over and glanced at the youngster’s dazed expression. “Little Spade, what did you say just now? Why does it seem like Captain is angry at you?”

The youngster returned his gaze, replying leisurely, “If you ever talk about me carrying a torch on Captain, I’m going to release the photo of you cross-dressing onto A University’s forum.”

“Little Spade, you can’t drag me down the mud just ’cause you’re upset. Spill it, did you just get rejected by Captain?”

F*ck you! Fu Jiu turned over. “If you say another word, I’m going to post the photo.”

Lin Feng…

That was why a man should never cross-dress!

Even Little Spade could threaten him now, aish!

The four of them strolled around the campus.

While Lin Feng chattered on and tried to convince the youngster not to post the photo, the rest remained silent.

This was why you shouldn’t offend a boy that just got rejected, the consequences could be quite scary!

“Hu, something seems amiss.” Lin Feng inched over to Yun Hu, whispering into his ears. “Should I comfort Little Spade?”

Luckily, Yun Hu managed to stop him in time. “There isn’t a need.”

“Why? It’ll show our camaraderie and team spirit!” Lin Feng said with wide eyes.

Yun Hu’s eyes swept him. “With your intelligence, it’ll just make things worse.”

“My intelligence? What’s wrong with my intelligence? I…”

Before Lin Feng could finish his sentence, Yun Hu cut him off. “There’s braised pork on the menu today, want some?”

“Yes, yes, yes!” Lin Feng was indeed a massive foodie and could be distracted easily by mentioning food. “Where is it? Go over and stand in line, there might be a junior who is willing to give up their share to you. Let’s get more for Little Spade, so he’ll know that the food here is comparable to No.1 Middle School.”

At first, Yun Hu wanted to ask why an undergraduate was comparing food with a high school student, but Lin Feng’s silliness seemed to brighten up his mood.

It wasn’t a mental problem if someone could make you laugh unknowingly, but rather because of your immense love for that person.

As compared to the first reason, Yun Hu was more inclined towards the latter. He reached for Lin Feng’s hand without hesitation, heading towards the queue at the east side.

Almost in a split second, the girls who were getting their meals clenched onto their food passes.

It was definitely excitement.

This scene was a godsend gift!

“Do you see that? Almighty Yun’s indulgent smile.”

“I know, he is flaunting his love again, holding onto his little one to get food. Isn’t it just too sweet?”

“Wait a moment, everyone stop speaking, look over to the seat at the left, doesn’t that silhouette look like my Little Spade?!”