Chapter 606 - Candy, Candy, Candy

Chapter 606: Candy, Candy, Candy

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“It really is! Almighty Qin is there too! Gosh!”

“Doesn’t Big Spade seem unusually docile behind Almighty Qin, or am I imagining things?”

“Definitely not! I even bought a tomato egg just to eavesdrop on their conversation just now. My Big Spade kept asking the Almighty what he wanted to eat!”

“F*ck! I’m going to get tomato eggs too!”

Just like that, the sales for tomato egg skyrocketed as this was the fans’ way to be closer to Qin Mo and the youngster.

The cafeteria auntie had originally thought that a star was filming a variety show with the theme ‘Back to Campus’.

“My Big Spade is so obedient, he seems on the verge of whining with his chin on the Almighty’s shoulders.”

When Fu Jiu was alerted by the surrounding clamor, she realized that she was indeed to close to the Almighty, but she had to clear the suspicions, after all, and the only way she could do that was to keep up with the Almighty.

However, as the Almighty didn’t seem too happy, the youngster pondered for a moment before pausing to take out his phone, typing intently onto his Weibo account, “What should I do if a close brother is upset? Waiting for a response.”

She had to have faith in her fans, there definitely had to be at least one good solution!

None of the juniors taking their meals were paying much attention as they allowed the male students forward, their gaze focused on the youngster with a lowered head, staring on his phone.

“What’s my Big Spade doing? Isn’t it getting food anymore? Why isn’t he asking Almighty Qin what he’s going to get? He should continue to flaunt their love!”

“How can he stop so abruptly, the lack of his voice is infuriating.”

“Wait a minute, Big Spade didn’t stop! Take a look at Weibo!”

When they finally processed the information to look at their phones, there was already an influx of comments below the post.

“Who’s the close brother?”

“I guess it’s Almighty Qin.”

“As an A University student, I can guarantee with my principles, that it’s definitely true! Almighty Qin walked in front while my Big Spade followed behind, both of them are getting their meals.”

“My Big Spade must have done something to anger Almighty Qin, his placating image is so obedient!”

“Little Spade, listen to sister, don’t say another word and just give the Almighty a kiss!”

“Yes, use your aggressive personality to give him a kiss!”

‘Aggressive’ Jiu had already gotten her meal and was seated on the cafeteria chair. Since she had to look at the comments, she bit onto the chopsticks absent-mindedly and glanced through the comments.

But, these comments… was this really the way to placate a close brother?

“Little Spade, try this, it’s braised pork.” Lin Feng placed a huge pile of meat in front of the youngster, Yun Hu by his side. “Aish, don’t you think the surrounding girls are more agitated than before? And they seem to be typing vigorously, usually, they would be spamming photographs, why aren’t they taking any today? That’s odd, am I perhaps not as handsome today?”

Don’t worry, you’re handsome but they are replying to my problem on Weibo so there isn’t time to snap photos of you , Fu Jiu continued internally, her gaze wavering.

Qin Mo sat nonchalantly, sweeping a glance over the youngster, who was also on his phone, before glancing around at the surrounding crowd. He titled his gaze, swiping open the phone he had placed at the side of the table.

The moment he entered Weibo, a post from a close friend was shown. “What should I do if a close brother is upset? Waiting for a response.”