Chapter 607 - Shy in Front of Everyone

Chapter 607: Shy in Front of Everyone

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Qin Mo’s fingers stilled.

He never expected such a post from the youngster.

That guy was not completely without conscience.


Qin Mo lifted his lids, glancing over at the fluffy ball of hair, pulling his phone aside. He wasn’t interested in being a close brother.

“Why does it seem like the crowd is increasing?” Lin Feng toyed the rice in his plate as he eyed Yun Hu. “Hurry and eat. Should we escape once we’re done?”

Yun Hu replied indifferently, “Mmh,” before adding, “Pass me another rib.”


Lin Feng had originally wanted to place the rib onto Yun Hu’s plate, but the moment he grabbed the ribs, Yun Hu tilted his body and bit the ribs of his chopsticks.

Lin Feng glanced at the distinctly sharp features on his face. Weren’t they too close?

“What’s wrong?” Yun Hu lifted a brow.

Lin Feng convinced himself that his imagination was running wild. How could he quantify close when they practically grew up wearing the same pair of pants? “Nothing.”

He continued eating, not forgetting to steal a piece of roasted meat from Yun Hu’s plate.

He only had eyes for the food, completely oblivious to the intimacy of their interactions, which surpassed a couple’s.

That was the result that Yun Hu was after, he lifted his lips, having come up with a series of traps.

Student Jiu didn’t witness their action as she was focused on the comments. But regardless of how much she scrolled, all the comments were telling her to just kiss the Almighty.

This… How could she tell her little fans that they had already kissed before?

Even though the Almighty had taken the initiative, there had always been a murderous intent in his gaze after the kiss.

He probably hadn’t thrown her into the bin because of her ‘younger brother’ status.

It seems like she would have to come up with another solution later when they were playing games.

The youngster placed his phone down and buried himself in his meal.

Even though his actions seemed foolish and cute, he hadn’t followed their advice and didn’t seem the least bit sincere to placate the Almighty.

Then Student Jiu took a glance, replying, “I’ll do it in private, the large crowd is making me shy.”

Qin Mo caught sight of the reply and arched his perfectly defined brow. The large crowd was making him shy and he would do it in private? Let’s see how this guy was going to placate him.

The moment he placed his phone down, the screen lit up with a slight vibration.

The four of them glanced over.

‘Director Huang’ appeared on the screen.

The Bureau Chief? Why was he looking for Captain?

That was Lin Feng’s first reaction.

Yun Hu’s reaction differed, he had a vague understanding of the matter and remained silent.

“Hello.” Qin Mo stood up, one hand on his phone and the other in his pocket as he walked towards the corner.

Director Huang’s voice sounded sullen. “We were too late, according to what you said, we found the people who had comforted Li Mengran and have gotten information about them. Out of the five of them, only four of their address could be found, none of which was suspicious. One of them was active only during the days Li Mengran posted before he disappeared completely. Even till this day, he still hasn’t reappeared. Moreover, his IP is fictitious as well, so there isn’t a way to trace him. Anyways, can you tell me what you’re suspicious about?”