Chapter 608 - The Almighty Discovered Z's Real Name

Chapter 608: The Almighty Discovered Z’s Real Name

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Qin Mo remained silent.

When Director Huang was about to speak again, Qin Mo finally spoke, “I suspect that someone is trying to force Li Mengran into suicide.”

“What? Suicide?!” Director Huang bolted upright, “What do you mean? Isn’t it purely a harassment case? What’s with this talk about suicide all of a sudden?”

Qin Mo titled his ravishing side profile. “Have you seen the contents of the chat?”

“Of course I have.” Director Huang frowned. “Anyways, it wasn’t easy to enter the chat, an invitation was required. If it wasn’t for Fatty’s help, I would have needed more time to enter.”

Qin Mo lowered his lids. “I’m asking for the content.”

“The content was rather ordinary…” Director Huang paused. “The topic is ordinary, but it made me feel uneasy.”

Qin Mo replied calmly, “According to Li Mengran’s words, everyone in the chat is talking about their pain, unhappiness, and complaints. A study by Yale University has shown that negative emotions are like the flu and can spread easily. Those with burdensome thoughts won’t be cured through this chat, instead, they would inch towards extreme views. This psychological guidance would cause them to give up on the world. ‘A maiden’s sacrifice’ has two interpretations, other than it being Li Mengran’s ID, it also is a prediction that someone is going to commit suicide. But some things happened along the way, which made her give up on committing suicide and instead, chose to retaliate.”

“What’s the reason?” Director Huang was in a daze from the revelation, he never knew the situation was so complex.

Qin Mo’s gaze darkened. “To be confessed to abruptly.”

Director Huang stilled for a few seconds. “Are you serious?”

Qin Mo remained silent.

Director Huang started to panic. “Can’t you get the person who confessed to calm her? What if she harbors such extreme thoughts again?”

Qin Mo tightened his fingers, his voice deepening. “She’s already fine, why is there a need to calm her?”

Unknowingly, his words sent a chill through Director Huang. He had to be imagining things!

“Alright, good that everything’s fine.” Director Huang didn’t ask for much, it was good news as long as no lives were taken. “Should we carry on and trace Z? Oh right, I have good news about Z. Recently, we have been cooperating with the Investigation Department, the information we couldn’t find back then have all been unearthed: the first case that Z had committed and the dead girl you managed to track. She indeed had a really good friend, but the friend was barely in school and would always move about alone. Ever since that incident, she disappeared, almost without a trace. There isn’t even a photo left, which matched the profile you made of Z at that time. It’s a pity it’s too late, but I managed to get her real name…”

Qin Mo wasn’t paying much attention as Z’s real name wasn’t really important because regardless of what she was called, it was just a code name.

But just as he was about to hang up, Director Huang’s clear voice came through, “She’s called Bo Jiu.”

Bo… Jiu?

She’s called Jiu as well?

Qin Mo’s gaze stilled, turning over to the youngster subconsciously.

That guy was still typing on his phone, a bamboo chopstick hanging between his lips. He shone under the rays of sunlight, his skin so pale it was almost transparent…