Chapter 609 - Her Real Identity

Chapter 609: Her Real Identity

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At this point, Student Jiu wasn’t replying her Weibo as an email had just come through.

She had this email address for a long while now, but besides Hoshino, no one else knew about it.

The content of the email was simple and straightforward with only one line. “The police have found your campus information. They should already know your real name. Be careful.

The last sentence was the main crux of his email.

Until this day, Z still hadn’t told him where exactly she was.

Time wasn’t ripe yet, but Hoshino still could sense that something was amiss.

After all, why did the police suddenly start to investigate Z’s tracks?

Moreover, their forces seemed rather intense, catching them off guard.

Also, it wasn’t as indirect as before.

Thus, he was worried that this person would be in trouble…

“Vice-captain, Vice-captain!” A youngster tapped Hoshino’s arm. “The host is asking who you were talking to so intently.”

Hoshino smiled. He was dressed in professional gaming attire, which made him look like the commander of an interstellar ship. “If I said it’s for someone I like, would I lose fans.”

“Someone you like?”

Both the host and the youngster widened their eyes in shock.

What a joke! Even though Vice-captain was a pretty boy, he was also an otaku who spent his time playing games and sleeping, how could he like anyone?!

“Almighty Hoshino, that’s hilarious.” The host assumed he was kidding since how could a man like him carry a torch for anyone? Any girl would agree to date him immediately.

“Alright, in order to prevent Almighty Hoshino from answering insincerely, let us divert the topic towards esports.” The host tilted the microphone over. “Our country’s National League has started, then the respective champion teams from twelve countries will compete. Almighty Hoshino, which team has left you with the deepest impression so far?”

There wasn’t a need for Hoshino to reply as the youngster at the side chuckled. “Babe, we have only competed with Xiangnan thus far, once we have interacted with the other teams, we’ll make a comment.”

The host agreed with his words, the Chinese had always been mediocre in terms of esports while the Japanese had always been at the top.

Even Xiangnan was considered average, much less to say the other Chinese teams.

The host didn’t mean to belittle the other teams, instead, she herself had been a fan of the Supreme Alliance for many years.

Thus, the moment she heard their reply, she wanted to retort that there was a team that could have surpassed the Japanese at one time, but back then, Almighty Qin wasn’t around and when he returned, he was badly injured.

She could still remember how he looked like at his prime; he could battle five, complete a mission and could still return sharp and ravishing.

But now… she was worried that Almighty Qin’s arm hadn’t recovered yet.

Or he wouldn’t have been the supplementary aid…

Time slipped by. Meanwhile in A University’s canteen, the youngster had already read the email and guessed that the Almighty was the reason the police managed to figure out her real name.

Which meant, the Almighty probably had gotten hold of all her information.

No mistake.

Bo Jiu.

That was her real identity.

The part of her born in the darkness.

It was time to use her real name.

The youngster lifted her head, her gaze extremely dark.

That was her real self.

Not entirely black nor entirely white: Zero, who went by the letter Z.

But from here on, how was she going to face the Almighty’s suspicion?