Chapter 61 - What If He Turned Gay?

Chapter 61: What If He Turned Gay?

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After realizing what he just did, Almighty Qin’s pretty eyebrows furrowed.

The black hair on his forehead dripped water down onto the phone screen.

Qin Mo took the towel and threw his phone away. He must have gamed too much tonight; he even couldn’t control his hand.

Why did he feel like that guy’s voice sounded nice? He should be wanting to strangle him…

The next morning, Fu Jiu woke up, but she wasn’t in a hurry to go to school.

Today was Wednesday.

Even though school was important, buying computer parts and signing with the Qin Group were obviously more important.

Fu Jiu thought about it and decided to ask for a leave.

When she was bringing up this request, Chen Xiaodong was standing next to her. His face was saying: “I knew that you, Young Master, wouldn’t be able to behave yourself for more than a month. You are doing your evil fairy tricks again” as he looked at her with funny eyes.

Fu Jiu curved her lips into a smile. She freed up one hand and patted his cheek gently. “Your young master has real business to do. You go to class and help me ask for a leave, a sick leave. Don’t let the teacher think I love skipping classes.”

Chen Xiaodong was shocked from the moment he was patted, because his young master was too good looking at a close distance. He was so handsome that he even forgot to react.

Also, Young Master even winked at him!

Chen Xiaodong took a deep breath. Not good, he needed to keep a distance from Young Master from now on.

What if he turned him gay?

He still wanted to get married and have babies, for goodness’ sake!

According to the tip off given by the Almighty, the internal recruitment for the Qin Group’s team would only begin after one in the afternoon.

Fu Jiu now had money on hand. Even though it was just four figures, it was still enough to get some decent components, like a graphics card or a RAM stick or something.

She really couldn’t comprehend the subject of physics, so she didn’t plan on going to school to waste the teacher’s time. She would just find a spot to sell some of her equipment.

She would not only save her family’s company, but also harshly slap the faces of those ingrates who thoughtlessly left the company.

Fu Jiu narrowed her eyes and took a lollipop out of its wrapper. She put her left hand in her pocket and looked up at the Computer City right in front of her.

It was said that there were many goodies hidden in this place, and that many professional players came here to get their parts.

These new upgraded parts would come in handy for the contest.

Fu Jiu pushed the door open and walked in. Following the guide on a technology forum, she found the fancily decorated store she was looking for.

This place was really different from those computer shops outside.

As soon as you walked in, you entered a world of electronics.

In the store, there were four big screens, and each one of them was live streaming games.

There was Almighty Qin’s game character on the screen. With a single lift of his hand, black feathers covered up the sky and created a huge vortex. Every feather could kill the other party!

Fu Jiu also thought that Almighty Qin’s trick was really cool.

But… her thin lips were curled up a little. Those were the images from their games yesterday. In the end, she was the one who cooperated with a god and allowed him to release that mighty move…

She recognized her game ID—Spade Z.

It looked like playing with a god created a bigger impact than she had expected.

The raids that they took part in last night were already playing on the screen in the store the next day.

She wondered if the owner would give her some discounts if she told him her ID.

As Fu Jiu was thinking about asking for something, she heard a polite, obedient voice. “Young Master Fu, take a look at this. This is our newest component. It has great aesthetics and it’s really fast. It really suits your style…”