Chapter 610 - Almighty Qin’s Suspicion

Chapter 610: Almighty Qin’s Suspicion

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Not far away, Qin Mo still hadn’t hung up.

Director Huang seemed to have sensed his hesitation. “Why aren’t you saying anything? Did you notice something?”

“No.” Qin Mo was still focused on the youngster, his eyes as deep as the ocean, so heavy the depths couldn’t be seen. His voice was calm. “There’s another reason, the person might not be Z.”

“Not Z?” Director Huang was thunderstruck. “That can’t be, with the way the crime was carried out and that comment.”

Qin Mo remained indifferent. “The crime style can be imitated and the comment can be faked.”

“You mean that she’s an imposter of Z?” Director Huang’s head was starting to hurt. How had it become so complicated? “What are you basing this on?”

Qin Mo moved his lips slightly. “I’m not basing this on anything.”

Director Huang was in shock once again. How could the person who was most particular about following the evidence make a decision without basing it on anything?!

What made him do this?

Director Huang asked the last question aloud.

Qin Mo remained emotionless as he explained, “Because the real Z would not lead a victim to suicide.”

Director Huang paused. “I understand that you have always wanted her to be your partner, but even so, she is, after all, a criminal and no one can predict a criminal’s actions. You mentioned that those who aren’t originally evil might eventually succumb after being in the darkness for a long period. You were still in your third year the last time you interacted with her. After all these years, you have changed. And perhaps, she has as well.”

Qin Mo didn’t respond.

Director Huang exhaled deeply. “Since you are so firm, we will investigate a little more. But this time, we really need your help, we can’t let this sort of chatroom remain.”

A visible killer wasn’t the scariest, those that can push someone to suicide just through their words were the worst.

Moreover, some of the members in the chat had turned into ruthless beings, who wanted the world to perish.

So regardless of who the culprit was, they had to sieve him out.

“Whether or not the culprit is Z doesn’t really matter.” That was how Director Huang felt.

Qin Mo stilled his fingers, replying faintly, “No, it matters, if the person is an imposter, we have to find out why he is imitating Z. A criminal’s every action has a reason and this is criminal psychology.”

Director Huang: … This guy… Is he trying to say he doesn’t have common sense?!

“Z.” Qin Mo paused slightly before continuing, “How old was she back then?”

“Is that also part of criminal psychology?” Director Huang flipped open his file. “Same age as you, 18, Gemini, born on June 6. That’s the extent of our information.”

Three years ago, she was 18.

But the youngster was 17 this year.

The age didn’t match.

Their background didn’t match either.

Even if Z was Chinese, she lived on Fifth Avenue in New York while the youngster resided in Jiang City.

But Qin Mo couldn’t explain why his gut told him otherwise.

The first time the youngster appeared in his life, his intuition told him that Spade Z was actually Z. The youngster had acted independently, had beautiful techniques and had rejected to be in his team.