Chapter 611 - Almighty Qin Investigates Jiu

Chapter 611: Almighty Qin Investigates Jiu

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That was why he had gotten Fatty to track her.

But the result wasn’t as he had predicted.

Qin Mo hung up the call, one hand in his pocket as he turned towards the youngster.

No one could read his thoughts.

But after about three seconds, he picked up his phone and dialed another number. “Investigate someone for me.”

“Alright, Captain, who do you want to investigate?” Fatty enjoyed such activities. “Is it linked to the police?”

Qin Mo’s gaze deepened. “No, it has nothing to do with them. Investigate Jiu.”

“Who?” Fatty wasn’t sure he heard correctly, letting his chopsticks fall onto the ground.

Qin Mo’s voice remained indifferent. “You heard right, investigate Jiu from the very start and make sure you don’t miss out anything. Let me know about your findings.”

“Captain, what exactly happened? Why are you investigating Little Spade all of a sudden?” Fatty couldn’t wrap his mind around it.

Qin Mo didn’t bother explaining. “Just investigate.”

Captain wasn’t in the mood, Fatty understood the gravity of the situation since even the police had to be kept in the dark.

What exactly did Little Spade do?

What happened to Captain?

Fatty didn’t have the courage to ask him as his senses told him to just keep silent.

Meanwhile, the youngster had already decided to use her identity as Z.

Her real name Bo Jiu.

It was time.

From the very beginning, Jiu was aware that if she exposed her hacker abilities, the Almighty would definitely catch on.

The day had come and it was as expected.

But as she didn’t wish to break the relationship she had with the Almighty, she could only drag it as long as possible.

At the very least, she had to win the National League before revealing her identity.

After she resumed her identity as Bo Jiu, she would be certain about her position.

The Almighty wouldn’t catch on immediately.

After all, not many would know about her rebirth.

Bo Jiu smiled, ravishing yet sly.

This time, who would prevail, her or the Almighty?

Regardless of who it would be, she would never forget that solid rear view.

Even if they weren’t on the same side and had even gone against each other, she would still be happy because, her rival was him and no one else.

At this time, even Z herself wasn’t clear what it meant for a rival to hold such importance in her world…

With Qin Mo’s skills, no one could tell the content of his call. By the time he was back, he had already kept his phone, a hand stuffed into a pocket, eluding his natural handsomeness.

The college girls couldn’t help commenting on Little Spade’s Weibo.

“With Almighty Qin’s looks, don’t you feel an urge to kiss him?”

“Ssh, my Little Spade is shy, he can kiss in private, then advancing further than a kiss! Since my Little Spade mentioned he is the aggressive type!”

“But usually only the passive ones would emphasis on their aggressive nature, hehe.”

“Anyways, that’s exactly how the more passive one would placate his boyfriend!”

“Even their troubles seem like they’re flaunting their love, I need some peace.”

The atmosphere in the canteen was closely linked to Weibo.

Lin Feng couldn’t take it any longer, once he was done, he pulled Yun Hu out of the canteen — the atmosphere was this intense…