Chapter 612 - How Are You Going to Placate Me?

Chapter 612: How Are You Going to Placate Me?

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After they left the canteen, the four of them headed towards an Internet café nearby.

The appearance of such a ravishing group was such rare sight that even the cashier of the Internet café couldn’t help but take a good look at them.

Even though they were all men, why were their appearances such a contrast?!

Fortunately, the cashier didn’t play Hero, so he didn’t recognize them or they would have been surrounded the moment they entered.

Ever since the mobile version of Hero was launched, its popularity was increasing.

Working adults and even young primary school students were all playing it.

Students, especially those college students majoring in computer science, had an indescribable love towards games.

Hence, there were many Supreme Alliance fans in the Internet café near A University.

Under normal circumstances, Bo Jiu would either have a lollipop dangling on her lips or have a black mask over her mouth.

She wasn’t worried about being recognized as Qin Mo’s face was already highly recognizable.

The four of them found an inconspicuous spot and sat in a row.

Only those that had visited Internet cafés could understand this image.

How should it be described? Because they belonged to one team, they gave off a striking aura.

“F*ck, come take a look!”

“What is it?”

“It’s the video of Almighty Qin after his 1v5 victory!”

Bigger Internet cafés would often show the replays of esports competitions during the weekends and the match Qin Mo had fought in had the highest popularity.

However, in order to understand this popularity, one would have to play the game.

During the 1v5 battle, the Almighty was drenched in blood after killing off three of his opponents. He was expected to be killed soon after, but instead, he headed into the bushes, positioned himself and rotated, killing the one at the back with a finishing blow. Next, he healed himself, repositioned and continued.

Five kills, finishing the entire group!

Even on replay, his impeccable skills still managed to send chills through the audience.


“No explanation needed for the Almighty!”

“I want to ask Almighty Qin how he did it. I’m using the same hero has Almighty Qin, but don’t you guys think it pales in comparison?”

“Every hero that Almighty Qin uses seems to reach another level, he can move accurately and fluidly — you will have to get used to it.”

None of them were aware of Qin Mo’s presence. If they knew, they would definitely be sent into a frenzy.

Bo Jiu had also seen the video, towards the end, she frowned. “It has nothing to do with the movement.”

“Little Spade sure is smart!” Lin Feng moved his mouse as he explained through the headset, “Most people aren’t able to detect it and I had originally assumed it was a movement problem as well, but after Captain had explained, I realized that everything had been calculated using a geometrical formula. It’s simply insane.”

Bo Jiu turned towards the Almighty, who was sitting beside her.

He had on his headset and a cigarette in his lips. Even when he was playing games, he still managed to look sullen. When he caught sight of the youngster looking at him, he removed his headset and turned his head, looking into his eyes.

They sat side by side, closer than they normally did.

That was nothing unexpected from the seats in an Internet cafe, those sitting beside each other would usually bump into the other’s arm.

Much less to say with Qin Mo’s current position as their breaths were practically mixed together, eluding intimacy.

But that wasn’t the main point; the Almighty’s following words were.

“Even if there are people around, there isn’t much of an audience and not many people can see what you’re doing. Have you thought about how you’re going to placate me?”