Chapter 613: Never Been Killed Before

Chapter 613: Never Been Killed Before

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Something exploded within her.

Student Jiu only had one thought; she deserved it.

She clearly underestimated the Almighty’s teasing ability.

“With such an aggressive personality, you aren’t possibly still shy right?” Qin Mo lifted a brow.

Bo Jiu: … Was this the price for being caught posting?

Fortunately, Lin Feng suddenly shouted, “Captain, the middle route!”

Qin Mo frowned, putting the headset back on, his left hand back on the mouse. First, he hid before dashing into the bushes, then out onto the middle route!

The finishing blow caught the victim off guard, his retaliation came too late.

His teammates waited for the Almighty to reach the tower before ambushing him, but they never expected the Almighty to jump and rebound, using three skills at once.

They were left in a daze.

Lin Feng came forward at once for a finishing blow.


“What a feeling! Captain, let’s go!”

Hero was a game that required teamwork. what was it like to have an assassin like the Almighty.

They had to kill them all, make them perish!

Bo Jiu was also amazed by the Almighty’s skills. Watching it on replay was one thing, but seeing it in real life with his mouse was another.

Besides, the Almighty could conquer the entire ground.

Bo Jiu decided not to leave the city, instead, she leaned her chin on her palm, tilting her gaze towards Qin Mo as she asked, “Brother Mo, you haven’t lost before, have you?”

“Obviously not, Captain has never been killed before,” Lin Feng replied. “Little Spade, why aren’t you moving?”

Bo Jiu smiled faintly. “Any more and it won’t be fair for them. A 2v5 with you and the Almighty is more than sufficient.”

As soon as she stopped speaking, the opponent who was killed shouted the Almighty’s nickname grudgingly. “The assassin over there, you better watch out!”

He wanted the Almighty to watch out?

This guy deserved to be punished.

Qin Mo remained silent, but…

He paused right below the tower without a single movement.

The opponent brought three others along.

The one leading the pack smirked. “Since he’s seeking death, let’s fulfill his wish!”

But who knew, the moment he said these words, the person ahead disappeared!

“F*ck, invisibility?”

Before he could finish his sentence, a ray of light flashed by, striking straight at their vital point.

That was the first move, the second had reduced the speed and the third was to retreat.

They could only hear the words “KO”!

If only one word could be used to describe his skills, it was to kill within ten steps without a trace.

Most importantly, he only killed the leader of the pack, leaving the others untouched.

Since then, only he was targeted.

After being killed three times, he had enough, not daring to leave the city.

It was bound to be a losing battle as he didn’t even have any water crystal defense left.

But some people just couldn’t lower their pride. “Hehe, if you’re that good, try to kill me in the city!”

The moment he spoke, the Almighty moved. He went invisible, broke into a sprint and unknowingly, he forcefully struck a finishing blow through the water crystal.

The opponent’s teammates wanted to surround the Almighty.

Fu Jiu glanced over, lifting the sides of her lips, inching straight towards the occupied Qin Mo…