Chapter 614: Kissed!

Chapter 614: Kissed!

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On the screens, two players pounced out from the city, slitting in Qin Mo’s direction.

Bo Jiu never expected their speed to be this high.

She inched over, planning to plant a kiss on the Almighty’s cheeks in order to divert his attention.

As Qin Mo had already finished them off, he turned over, sensing the youngster’s approach.

At that moment, they both stilled.

Qin Mo’s sudden action was timely, Bo Jiu’s kiss landed not on Qin Mo’s cheeks but rather his beautifully shaped lips.

They were really close.

Both sitting on their chairs while their lips were pressing against another.

Bo Jiu’s dark pupils wavered.

Qin Mo’s lips were soft and cold, carrying a familiar peppermint ashy aroma that moved her heart.

Bo Jiu could still see the slight curve of his lips from before, the dark wispy strands that fell across his forehead, his thick lush lashes that curled at the ends, carrying a slight silvery ash. His ivory nose sharp and jade-like, the color of his lips pale and pure, shining with the glow of a pearl. Matched with his ravishing looks, it was a fetching sight.

Bo Jiu couldn’t explain her emotions.

Besides the clear beat of her heart, she could hear the distinctive clicking of the keyboard.

At that moment, even the keyboard seemed to soften, the surroundings seemed to go silent.

Lin Feng, who was seated beside, had just witnessed the massacre on the screen and turned over. Just as he was able to compliment Qin Mo with a “Cool!”, he was met with such a sight!

Little Spade was unusually near to Captain. In fact, so near that their lips were pressed together!

Lin Feng’s mouth hung wide, forming a big O shape, and his thoughts were running wild. He no longer bothered about his game. Staring at them, he didn’t even remember to move his mouth, seemingly turning into a fossil.

From this position, Little Spade seemed to be the one who took the initiative?

What was Little Spade up to? Was he too upset over Captain having a girlfriend that he requested for him to break up?

Honestly, as someone who often had his heart broken, Lin Feng understood the youngster’s motives.

But Little Spade, hadn’t you thought about how Captain was going to make you pay?

In-game, the opponents were still confused.

They thought there was a trap when the professional who had just killed them off stopped moving.

They shot an arrow from afar and when they noticed that he still hadn’t moved, they hurriedly came forward and spammed arrows at Qin Mo.

Finally, they killed him once!

The death announcement from the game brought Bo Jiu back to her senses.

Qin Mo was still staring at the youngster. He didn’t make her pay as Lin Feng had thought. Instead, a spark started to blaze in the depths of his gaze.

His brows arched slightly, waiting for the youngster’s explanation.

For the first time, Bo Jiu was busking in the repercussions of her prank.

But her lips still carried his distinctive scent, a clear reminder of her actions…