Chapter 615: Tell Me What’s Wrong

Chapter 615: Tell Me What’s Wrong

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Both Qin Mo and Bo Jiu remained stationary.

Amidst the chaotic Internet café, they sat in a corner, their shoulders touching as their gaze locked.

It was as Qin Mo had said, no one saw what the youngster had done.

Everyone was busy with their game, squabbling about moving forward or killing beasts.

Only Lin Feng saw it, but that placed Lin Feng even more in shock!

Captain actually allowed Little Spade to kiss him!

To kiss him!

He didn’t seem angry and didn’t even blow up?!

The background music from the game played as the opponent came attacking.

Even though five people were playing, four of them hadn’t left the city.

Yun Hu tapped his headset, his gaze still focused on the screen. “Feng, let’s head out.”

But no one moved.

THus, Yun Hu glanced over, asking Lin Feng, “Why aren’t you moving?”

Lin Feng grabbed onto Yun Hu, signaling for him to lower his volume before whispering, “Let me have some peace, Hu, do you know what I just witnessed? Little Spade went over to kiss Captain!”

If Lin Feng had said it before, Yun Hu would never have believed him, but now, he had his doubts.

The Captain he knew would never allow anyone to force a kiss on him.

Besides, Yun Hu still suspected that the ‘girl’ in the convenience store had been Little Spade.

Moreover, Captain’s attitude towards Little Spade in the past few days spoke volumes. He had never seen Captain treat anyone with such indulgence. Even if he mentioned that Little Spade was his brother, he had never seen anyone treat their brother in this way.

Hence, the next time Lin Feng raised his microphone, Yun Hu pressed it down, turning over to the side.

Meanwhile, Qin Mo was still focused on the youngster.

Bo Jiu wore a face of seriousness, looking almost perplexed. “Brother Mo, you have to believe me, it’s purely a coincidence.”

Qin Mo’s eyes swept over the youngster. He released the mouse before asking leisurely, “The confession was a coincidence, wanting to keep me is a coincidence, wanting to sleep with me is a coincidence and now coming over to kiss me is a coincidence as well. Is this the ceiling climbing student’s excuse?”

Lin Feng eyed the youngster, seemingly trying to say, “Little Spade, stop being so stubborn, is it that hard to admit you like Captain? But even if you don’t admit it, your actions are enough to show your love for Captain. To force a kiss on him in an Internet café— I really admire you!”

Bo Jiu couldn’t seem to explain herself. She noticed Lin Feng’s gaze and could already predict the future.

How could it escalate this much?

The Almighty in-game had indeed died, but the price she had paid for it was a little too big.

From the youngster’s sullen expression, Qin Mo knew that it was as he had said, just an accident.

Qin Mo’s gaze dimmed.

He didn’t want the youngster to fret and draw the line so clearly just after their kiss.

Qin Mo turned, he no longer cared about the game. He stood up and clenched Bo Jiu’s chin, his deep gaze focused on her calmly. His fingers were caressing the youngster’s lips, forming a slight warmth while breathing on his face. “Tell me, how are you going to resolve this?”