Chapter 616: You Have to Take Responsibility for the Kiss

Chapter 616: You Have to Take Responsibility for the Kiss

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Bo Jiu lifted a brow.

How was she going to resolve it?

She had already kissed him and couldn’t get the Almighty to return it.

Qin Mo lowered himself, their distance so close that his breath could roll across her lips. “You have to take responsibility for kissing me, understand?”

Responsibility? She hadn’t asked the Almighty to take responsibility after he kissed her twice, but he was making her take responsibility even though she had only done it once?!

Bo Jiu lifted a brow, breaking into a chuckle. “If Brother Mo doesn’t mind, I can bring you home.”

Lin Feng clutched his face. At the end of the day, Little Spade really had ulterior motives!

Bo Jiu admitted her motives, but the Almighty would definitely not agree to it.

However, no one could accurately predict the Almighty.

“Alright,” he replied calmly, his voice filled with the familiar silkiness.

It wasn’t just Lin Feng, even Yun Hu had turned over.

The opponents were still acting arrogantly. “You must be shocked, this is our real strength, we had been giving in to you previously!”

Their voice affected the atmosphere.

Qin Mo glanced back to the screen, clenching onto his mouse. With a perfect movement, he first went invisible before attacking, heading straight for their water crystal. It was a perfect kill.

“Ha, again? That was how you died, have you forgotten?”

That player was clearly prepared to kill the Almighty using the same besieging method, but they never would have expected the Almighty to act differently. He didn’t just get killed, he continued his massacre with the second person, third person, forth, … fifth!

Killing the five of them perfectly!

A bloodbath!

They were dumbfounded, who could tell them how the opponent’s standards had risen so much?!

If he was this great, why did he allow them to kill him three times?

Was he teasing them?

They never would have guessed that Qin Mo’s lack of movement was because of the youngster’s kiss.

And right now, they had perished because of their disturbance, which disrupted Almighty Qin’s conversation with a certain someone.

The game ended decisively.

Qin Mo grabbed his jacket, his gaze turning towards Bo Jiu, his lips lifting willfully. “We’ll have a good talk in a secluded area on how you’re going to bring me back to care for since…” Qin Mo paused, before adding, “You would be shy with an audience.”

Bo Jiu: …

The Almighty had a way of using her words against her.

It was an almighty trap indeed.

Qin Mo didn’t continue teasing her, reaching out to grab her wrist. Just as he was about to tug her out, an image suddenly flashed onto the big screen in the middle of the Internet café.

It was an interview with the Japanese team.

They were the champion in Asia!

If Xiangnan Team was the champion in China, the Japanese were the global champions.

Eight countries, ten years; the Japanese had never lost a match.

The skills of some of their members were considered godlike and were even used as a template to teach others how to play Hero.