Chapter 617 - Earth-Shattering Presence

Chapter 617: Earth-Shattering Presence

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The presence of the Japanese brought about the esports hype within Asia.

Previously, it wasn’t known as esports, but rather just as games.

Today, however, it was gradually turning into a legitimate career.

There were even esports departments set up within certain academies.

The wave brought about by the Japanese shone light on the attraction of gaming.

That year, anyone into gaming would know of the Japanese; much less to say today.

Fans of Hero would never have expected the National League to be able to invite them.

All of a sudden, the Internet café was sent into a frenzy.

“Did you see that? Is that the legendary Hoshino, who doesn’t show himself much? Do you know what’s his specialty? Savage bloody triple kills! He is practically a moving god of death!”

“Was this interview held in the country? Gosh, I really wish to know where they are! Idol, please show yourself once!”

“Wait a minute, the Japanese aren’t invited as guests. After the National League, there would be an Asian competition and the Japanese are there to represent their country!”

“But these Japs sure are losers, take a look at what their response is to the interviewer’s question. They said they only knew about the Xiangnan Team and have never heard of the others before.”

“You can’t blame them, they are indeed a formidable team.”

Only those that played esports understood how incredible the Japanese were.

They were practically an earth-shattering presence, which explained the various reactions.

Lin Feng and Yun Hu watched the video purely because they were never aware of the Asian competition after the National League had ended.

Hence, the moment the host finished asking, they let go of their mouse simultaneously, their gaze fixed on the screen with utmost caution.

But Bo Jiu was a stark contrast.

She focused on the person on the screen.

That professional outfit, long straight legs, mesmerizing features and a slight lift to his lips at the host’s question.

“If I said it’s sent to someone I like, would I lose fans?”


Bo Jiu stilled unconsciously, her entire attention placed on the screen. She didn’t notice the change in the Almighty’s gaze the moment she paused…

Qin Mo followed her line of sight, recognizing the person on the screen instantly.

Back when they were in Tokyo, when the youngster had caught sight of this person’s photo, he had paused unnaturally.

Today, it happened again.

He could clearly make out the same focus that the youngster had in his gaze back then.

It wasn’t the sort of focus the youngster used on others, it was as though his pupils were about to jump out.

That glow was perhaps difficult to detect.

Qin Mo had only caught it because he had been watching the youngster the entire time.

Even he wasn’t warranted such a focus.

Qin Mo placed both hands into his pocket, glancing at the youngster once more before turning towards the screen at the dignified man.

His head hung slightly, the wispy strands falling across his eyes, only showing that half lifted lips that seemed like a smile.

But only those who really knew Hoshino could sense the lack of warmth…