Chapter 618 - Desire

Chapter 618: Desire

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This was probably the Japanese’s first high profile appearance and surprisingly, they all looked great. Lin Feng stood up, heading towards Qin Mo and Bo Jiu’s side. “I wonder what the competition arrangement would be like.”

Qin Mo didn’t reply.

Yun Hu glanced over at him. “Regardless of the arrangement, we just have to focus on ourselves.”

“Of course.” Lin Feng smiled, glancing over at the youngster. “Little Spade would have to clear the air with Captain or our main member isn’t going to be in the right mood for the match.”

Yun Hu was aware that it wasn’t going to be easy, they would have to wait for a good opportunity.

But with the impending arrival of the National League, there wasn’t time for their personal emotions.

The arrival of the Japanese would probably bring about a totally different National League.

The skies started to darken.

Qin Mo no longer pressured the youngster to take responsibility since another call came in. This time, it was from the hospital with regards to his hand injury.

Back when Qin Mo injured his hand, Feng Yi had also left his number, hence, both of them were informed about the follow-up.

After leaving the Internet café, Qin Mo went to the hospital alone without informing anyone.

Before he left, he took another glance at the youngster before sending a text to Fatty. “While you investigate, find out if he knows Hoshino.”

In the past, Qin Mo would never bother about connections.

Perhaps he himself wasn’t able to explain why he was so focused on the youngster.

It was probably his deep understanding of the youngster, even though he seemed gentle on the outside, he wasn’t deep inside. That fleeting black glow blazed an urge within him.

After watching the interview, Bo Jiu had many thoughts. She wondered if it was time to reunite with Hoshino.

However, she was no longer the same as before — everyone would find the situation absurd.

To resurrect.

And into the body of a high school student.

Even if she had trust in Hoshino’s ability to accept this, Bo Jiu was still contemplating the suitability of revealing herself to him.

In the past, she never would have expected Hoshino to enter esports after she had left, but if she gave it a good thought, he had once told her that his other hobby besides sleeping was gaming.

Hoshino wasn’t like her, he didn’t need to shoulder her burden.

This time, the police’s strength was clearly different and there was also the Almighty helping them out. Besides, China wasn’t Fifth Avenue nor was it Tokyo; the environment would restrict the extent of their operations. If there came a day she would be suspected or even sent to jail, it wouldn’t matter.

But it wasn’t the same for Hoshino.

She had to protect that person.

Night time in Jiang City’s No.1 hospital, surgery building level 3.

The principal doctor sat on the wheelchair, his fingers pressing on the X-ray image, his gaze solemn. “If you continue to join the competition, the impact on your hand might not be great, but it would be difficult if you intend to continue professional gaming in the future. I thought you would have paid attention after your last visit. As a doctor, I have a duty to warn you. You can still game in the future, but you have to be careful in order to prevent your right hand being crippled.”