Chapter 619 - Almighty Qin's Hand

Chapter 619: Almighty Qin’s Hand

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“I have to compete.” Qin Mo tugged his sleeves down, the calmness and lack of concern on his perfect side profile sent helplessness through his principal doctor.

When Feng Yi arrived and heard that last line, the smile in his eyes dimmed.

The last time he asked, Almighty Qin told him not to worry about his injury and that he had recovered.

But if he had really recovered, why would the principal doctor pay so much attention?

Feng Yi tightened his grip on the doorknob, pushing it open forcefully, ignoring Qin Mo’s gaze. He focused on the principal doctor. “Doctor Liu, I will make sure he gets his rest. Could you let me know how long he needs?”

“At least three months.”

“Three months…” Feng Yi understood the consequences; the entire National League was just twenty days.

Three months meant that Almighty Qin had to forsake the competition this year.

The principal doctor paused before adding, “But of course, if he headed over to America and consulted the specialist there, the duration could be shortened. They definitely would have a way to stabilize his condition, but even then, he would still need at least one month of rest. The nerves in one’s hand are extremely sensitive. With the nature of your career and the intensity of the competitions, the agility of the fingers and strength of the wrist would be exploited. His hands might not be able to endure the pressure of the game. I understand the importance of the National League but regardless of its importance, it would never be able to triumph the health of a hand.”

Feng Yi understood what he was saying, but since the day he had known Qin Mo, his heart beat for esports.

Ever since the start, he hadn’t been a qualified manager. Even with an established member like Qin Mo, he had never once led them to the championship.

Xiangnan had tried to poach Almighty Qin, but he rejected their offer and instead had even taken out a huge sum to found the Supreme Alliance, starting up the Qin Club, which belonged to the Supreme Alliance.

Then, Feng Yi had been finally freed of inheriting the family business he hated to develop and had become one of the top esports managers in the country.

But he still owed him a National League championship ever since the start.

He had originally assumed that with Spade Z, he would be able to recover back to his past standards.

Feng Yi had never forgotten how he started off as a manager. It was after seeing that dignified youngster killing off a team of five all by himself.

Actually, at that time, he had neglected the Almighty. Initially, he didn’t have much experience as a manager as his family owned an entertainment business and he wasn’t sure of the difference between esports and entertainment. Other than attending to some matters, finding good teammates was of utmost importance.

Ever since the team match, that person had never once moved the mouse as carefree.

If he paired with Little Spade…

Feng Yi lowered his lids. “Doctor Liu is right, regardless of how important the competition is, it would never be as important as your hand.”

Qin Mo wore his jacket, turning over towards Feng Yi, his voice calm. “You should know that for the Supreme Alliance, this isn’t just a competition.”