Chapter 62 - Lord Jiu Is About to Slap Faces

Chapter 62: Lord Jiu Is About to Slap Faces

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Fu Jiu instantly knew that the other party wasn’t calling herself, but another person.

After all, that old guy wanted the world to know that she, the shame of the family, was no longer related to him.

Since the one being called couldn’t be her, it must be the other Young Master Fu then?

Fu Jiu raised her eyebrow and turned towards the voice.

A young man of her age was wearing a white suit. He was quite good looking, but he got his height from his mother—he was not very tall.

He seemed like a man of a few words, and there was impatience in his eyes. One could tell that he was a spoiled kid just by looking at him.

This young master was no other than the apple of Fu Zhongyi’s eye, his one and only illegitimate son, Fu Ximing.

There were two guys accompanying him to buy computer parts, and Fu Jiu knew one of them.

Well, she did not exactly know him. They were just acquaintances.

At that time, she was still naïve. When she still wore shoddy clothes and fought a lot with He Honghua, that guy was the one standing by the sidelines, watching with an amused half-smile.

Fu Jiu still vividly remembered his extremely disdainful gaze. .

Perhaps it was because she received such looks all the time that she was always irritated. As a result, she fought with He Honghua over little things.

The company manager back then was Du Ze, the scum that had immensely troubled her mother.

Fu Jiu held her lollipop in between her snow white teeth and slowly curled the corner of her mouth into a smile.

Everyone was here?

She really should remember these two faces well. She didn’t want to miss these targets during fights.

Du Ze also saw the black sheep he resented the most. He used to be nice to him because of He Honghua, and he even had to address him as ‘Young Master Fu’ when he met him, but in fact, he had long hated this mother-son duo to death. The older one was from the countryside; the younger one had no taste. Being with them lowered his standing.

They were unlike the person he was following now. Not only did this person have a good temperament and a great deal of knowledge, he was also extremely talented in gaming.

They were both kids of the Fu family, but this one’s future was ten times brighter than that black sheep’s.

“Young Master.” Du Ze glanced at Fu Jiu before turning back to Fu Ximing. “Should we go there and have a look? There are too many flies here, don’t let them spoil your mood.”

Fu Ximing recognized Fu Jiu as well.

But then, so what?

He thought nothing of this stupid older brother of his.

In the past, ever since Fu Ximing was little, he had been called the illegitimate son by others all the time.

Fu Jiu had all the privilege.

But now, he was the real deal.

Fu Jiu was nothing against him.

Trash like that wasn’t worth his attention.

Fu Ximing lifted his chin. He pulled the zipper on his jacket up and said arrogantly, “He’s not even leaving, so why would I? Keep looking around. Didn’t you just say that this place had good stuff? I need to get a new keyboard. It looks good here, so let’s get it here.”

“Sure!” Du Ze smiled. “Young Master is right. If he is not leaving, then we shouldn’t leave even more.”

The other person laughed as well. “Young Master Fu is indeed highly computer literate. I have things to share that can help you when we get to the Qin Group in a bit.”

“Manager Li, thanks for your help.” Du Ze continued, “I heard that Manager Feng really believes in fate. Aside from being great at games, a person must also be very good looking to get in…”

Manager Li cut him off, “This is what the market needs now. The online audience gets bigger when good looking people do live streaming. Just look at our CEO Qin. When he is live streaming, everyone online is waiting just to see him. But don’t worry, with Young Master Fu’s looks, there will be absolutely no problems.”