Chapter 620 - Jiu Found Out

Chapter 620: Jiu Found Out

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“Yes, the National League isn’t just a competition, but you still have to receive treatment.” Feng Yi was relentless. “Let’s head over to America first, the other matters can be discussed again.”

Qin Mo buttoned his jacket leisurely, stuffing a hand into his pockets, his gaze deep. “No.”

The principal doctor sighed. “Is the result of the competition that important?”

“It isn’t about the result.” Qin Mo was already at the door when he replied, his voice not loud or soft. “I just don’t wish to have any regrets.”

Regardless of the result, not participating would be the greatest regret.

He said he was going to lead them to the championship, and not even be absent when they lost.

Even if he wasn’t able to pursue this career, he couldn’t leave now.

Feng Yi understood, he was clear he wasn’t able to convince him, but he couldn’t let his obstinance persist.

He glanced at the silhouette disappearing into the corridor while thinking about it and concluding that Fu Jiu was the best person to convince Qin Mo.

He knew better than anyone else who Almighty Qin had kissed during the masquerade, he also understood the place the youngster had in his heart.

After leaving the hospital, Feng Yi called the youngster. This was the first time he had acted without Qin Mo’s consent.

The night skies deepened, his voice started to change as well. It was no longer the fox Feng from before. “I have something I need to tell you face to face.”

Bo Jiu had just reached home when she received the call, her teeth clenched onto the zipper on her jacket as she prepared to remove her clothes. When she heard the call, she paused. Instead of probing, she stuffed a hand into her pocket, her voice crisp. “Alright, where?”

Feng Yi admired her straightforwardness.

At the same time, he knew the youngster would keep things a secret.

In some ways, Spade Z was much like Almighty Qin.

During a competition, the person creating the momentum was the most important.

In order to convince Almighty Qin to treat his hand, there had to be a magnetizing person to take the lead.

Both Yun Hu and Lin Feng weren’t suited.

Only Spade Z managed to maintain a perfect winning streak, just like that person when Qin Mo first started out.

The night sky darkened.

He Honghua had been making soup when she saw Jiu pulling the zip to the top and even wearing a black mask, she paused. “Why are you heading out the moment you come back?”

“Something urgent came up.” Bo Jiu smiled faintly, her gaze beautiful. “Mum, I’ll accompany you when I’m back.”

He Honghua was easily pleased. After hearing Jiu’s words, she instructed, “It’s cold outside and the fog is heavy, wear another mask and remember to be tightly clothed. Don’t catch a cold.”

Even though Jiu looked healthy, once she caught a cold, it would be much worse than a normal person, causing He Honghua to worry.

Fortunately, her economic situation had risen again and Jiu wasn’t visiting those messed up clubs anymore, which calmed her down.

Their meeting location was in a coffee shop.

The coffee shop operated till 10 pm, but it was quiet and wouldn’t attract the press, which made it easier for them to talk.

Once the youngster arrived, Feng Yi didn’t beat about the bush, passing the information over…