Chapter 621 - Heartache

Chapter 621: Heartache

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“This is the X-ray image of Almighty Qin’s hand injury. According to the principal doctor, he won’t be able to participate in the competition or he might never be able to play esports again.”

Bo Jiu froze, forgetting to remove her mask.

While they were competing, Almighty’s injury had been mentioned, but she had assumed that he had fully recovered when he decided to participate in the competition.


“You are the only person I informed,” Feng Yi continued, tilting his head over towards the window. ” None of the other members are aware that he hasn’t recovered and if the principal doctor hadn’t called me, even I would’ve been kept in the dark.”

His words plunged the atmosphere, silence sinking over them.

After a long while the youngster finally spoke, her gaze deep. “Brother Mo won’t give up on the competition, he has been persisting all this while.”

Feng Yi paused. “You are right.”

“I’ll find him tomorrow.” Bo Jiu stood up. “I understand what you mean, he needs to receive treatment.”

But at the same time, Bo Jiu understood what it meant for the Almighty if he were to miss the National League.

Bo Jiu realized that she had been mistaken when the Almighty mentioned that he might miss out on a match; she had assumed he was going to investigate Z.

However, she understood now that it wasn’t because of the police, but rather that his injury had reached its limits.

He didn’t want the opponents to spot his weakness at the start of the competition and thus wanted to sit out for the first two matches.

Regular matches weren’t an issue, but once he was on a professional group, it was a whole new game as there he had to be agile and that would pose more stress on his injury.

Besides, the Three Thousand Knife Cutting skill the Almighty unleashed was a special skill which didn’t just rely on agility, the wrist strength was also of utmost importance, which would pose more pressure on his wrist.

The National League wasn’t as easy as the previous friendly matches.

Especially the impending battle with Xiangnan Team, regardless of whether it was 1v1 or 5v5, they wouldn’t be able to win if the Almighty didn’t unleash his Three Thousand Knife Cutting skill.

With her understanding of the Almighty, the Three Thousand Knife Cutting skill would be detrimental.

Even though he was aware of his condition, he still decided to use the skill continuously at the latter half of the competition and especially during the match against Xiangnan.

In order for the Supreme Alliance to win the National League, he was prepared to stake his future esports career because otherwise, the Almighty would never have kept his injury a secret.

He didn’t want any resistance after the others were to find out and he didn’t wish for anyone to feel burdened.

From the start, Bo Jiu had already mentioned she wouldn’t be able to bear to see him lose and leave his divine spot.

Someone as ravishing and morally upright as the Almighty didn’t deserve to leave with such regrets.

This was the first time her heart ached for someone else.

Bo Jiu’s thoughts were her priority.

Forget her selfishness, the people around her carried the highest priority.

The youngster lowered her lids, swiping into her email, pausing all operations to track the imposter of Z, covering up her tracks.

From today onwards, she had to win…