Chapter 622 - Wake Up The Almighty

Chapter 622: Wake Up The Almighty

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News of the National League flooded all media platforms.

As Feng Yi had said, no one else in the team was aware of Qin Mo’s injury.

Many had been anticipating this day: Lin Feng, the older players, and even newer players like Xue Yaoyao.

The National League wasn’t just a competition for them, but a chance to prove themselves to all those who had mocked and looked down on them — and to fight as a team.

Xue Yaoyao couldn’t explain her emotions. After jogging the entire day, her heart started beating strongly when she caught sight of the marking on the calendar.

Yun Hu and Lin Feng were still practicing their finger agility. For 365 days, they had poured their time into it whilst others pondered about their obsession over gaming.

No effort should be left unrewarded, but these rewards were usually attributed to someone’s hard work.

At the morning, the warm rays fell through the window into a room.

Regardless of how smart Almighty Qin was, he would have never expected to see the youngster sitting in his room the moment he opened his eyes.

The youngster sat next to the window, a cup of milk in his hand as she fed his cat.

But the cat obviously wasn’t interested.

The youngster dripped some milk onto his hands, he didn’t bother about the cat’s wishes, pushing his finger over.

His inexperience was apparent.

It was true, Bo Jiu had never reared pets before.

After she had arrived, Movie Queen An had entrusted her with two tasks: Wake up the Almighty and feed his cat.

She concluded that letting him wake up naturally would be better and thus she decided to work on the second task.

But who would have expected the Almighty’s cat to despise hotties, he had a dignified and aloof attitude, his expression one of distaste.

“If you continue to act like this, I’m going to shave off all your hair.”

Her small threat was heard by Qin Mo.

Qin Mo raised a brow, his morning voice slightly raspy, but still silky smooth. “Princess, come over.”

The moment the cat heard his voice, he reacted with a purr, pouncing into the ravishing man’s arms like a docile peasant.

What happened to your dignity? Bo Jiu placed the milk down, glancing at the fat cat.

The fat cat seemed to have sensed her scrutiny, he turned and gave Bo Jiu a distasteful gaze.

Bo Jiu chucked. “Brother Mo, how does roasted cat paws for breakfast sound like?”

“Be careful, he might take it for real and decide to hurt you.” Qin Mo glanced over at the youngster, having no intention on getting up.

Bo Jiu lifted a brow. “Such a shrewd, she must be a female.”

“It’s a male.” Qin Mo caressed the cat’s body with one hand, half his body leaning against the bed frame.

Bo Jiu stilled slightly. “You name a male cat princess?”

“What’s wrong? Doesn’t it sound good?” Qin Mo lifted a brow questioningly.

Bo Jiu smiled. “It’s great, Princess, come on and meow.”

Fat Cat: … F*ck, this suspicious human, I can sense that mockery, what’s wrong with naming a male cat Princess?! What’s wrong?!

Qin Mo glanced at the infuriated cat, lifting his brows once more. “How did you manage to anger him? He usually doesn’t treat guys like that.”

That’s because I’m not a guy , Bo Jiu answered in her mind. Leaning her chin onto the back of the chair as she eyed the cat. She guessed that he had caught her scent. She lifted her lips slightly. “I’m not sure, maybe it’s the first time, he probably finds me to handsome and is starting to feel jealous.”

Qin Mo glanced over at the youngster, his gaze landing on his long slender legs, his gaze and throat deepening…