Chapter 623 - Spreading Sweets

Chapter 623: Spreading Sweets

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Restricting his thoughts wasn’t hard, but the irresistible and immediate pull he had whenever he saw the youngster was a whole new experience.

After calming down, he concluded that their current position was comfortable enough.

The youngster sat near him, finding him pleasing to the eyes.

Next, the youngster moved the chair forward inch by inch until there finally wasn’t any more space. “Brother Mo, are you open to having disciples?”

“What are you up to now?” Qin Mo glanced at the face which was so near to his, there were even traces of fur on the youngster’s flawless pale skin.

Bo Jiu curved her lips. “There’s a mission which requires a master and his disciple, Brother Mo. You can take the chance to teach me your scholarly ways, using calculation to fight a 1v5.”

Qin Mo released his cat. “You wish to change your battle technique?”

“To be more accurate.” They didn’t possess the same battle style. She wasn’t going to change her technique, but it had to be improved.

As Qin Mo, fortunately, would never reject the youngster’s request, he replied faintly, “Come over.”

Student Bo Jiu’s mind was filled with trying to improve herself and to raise her conditions. Hence, she didn’t realize the position they were in.

Qin Mo hadn’t realized it, too.

Bo Jiu held her phone while Qin Mo’s arm went around the youngster to tap on the screen. “With your positioning, you should be able to use this formation to control the opponent, next, you have to calculate…”

His low voice made it seem as though he was explaining a physics question.

It was afterward when Qin Mo finally realized their position.

Surprisingly, someone was unusually obedient today.

Qin Mo glanced down at a certain someone in his embrace, who was busy plotting the formation. He resisted the urge to plant a kiss on the youngster.

But while the youngster wasn’t paying attention, he snapped a photo.

The photo was filled with love, no one would think otherwise, but Qin Mo had mentioned it before, he had to let everyone know this person was his.

There were still comments for yesterday’s Weibo, some of those jealousy souls were insistent that Spade Z was just putting on a show.

Qin Mo has always been extreme, he posted the photo he took, with a few words as a caption, “A certain someone came over to play games as a way to pacify me.”

The moment it was released, many of them had a common sentiment.

“I knew they were going to flaunt their love! Why does it feel like I’m being tortured?!”

“Is he just playing games? Playing in the Almighty’s arms? I want to play in my boyfriend’s arms, too!”

“Little Spade is occupied with his game while Almighty Qin watches on, not forgetting to snap a photo, this… is leaving a space in my brain.”

“There isn’t much to be said, the two of them are dashing, plus, Almighty Qin must have just woke up. I just discovered another secret, how can he look so nourishing to the eye!”

“Almighty Qin, you have changed!”

Bo Jiu, who was currently the online victim of a few netizens, was completely unaware as she lowered her lids towards the screen. Once she completed the 1v5 mission, she spoke, “Brother Mo, I know about your hand injury.”

Qin Mo frowned, he stopped browsing through his Weibo, his profile ravishing. “I was wondering where your obedience came from, are you here to convince me?”

“Convince?” The youngster placed his phone down, turning to press onto the bed, without bothering if she had squashed the cat’s tail. Her gaze intensified. “I’m not here to convince you, I’m here to force you to get treatment.”