Chapter 624 - Uncontrollable

Chapter 624: Uncontrollable

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Qin Mo thought that the youngster would say more, but then again, he had never been one of many words.

But… Qin Mo glanced at the youngster, who had one arm positioned right next to him. He reached out an arm to tap his solemn looking face, his tone nonchalant. “With your stance, are you forcing me to receive treatment or forcing me to sleep with you?”

There were always coincidences because, at that moment, Aunt Zhang carried Princess, who had ran downstairs, back to Almighty Qin’s room. She couldn’t believe her eyes when she caught sight of them.

Princess, the fatty, mewed in her embrace, seemingly trying to say, “Weird human with the strange scent, let go of my owner!”

Bo Jiu turned towards the noise, taking in Aunt Zhang’s expression.

There wasn’t anything that could be said; her current stance was clear, she was forcing herself on Almighty Qin.

With the Almighty’s words and her dark history, there was no point in clarifying.

Qin Mo caught sight of her as well, he lifted a brow, his voice calm. “Aunt Zhang, what is it?”

“No-no-no, I’m going to carry Princess away, you-you guys can continue…”

Aunt Zhang escaped and was left perplexed.

If it had been a girl, she would have understood, but Young Master Jiu…

She must have misread the situation!

But Young Master mentioned the word ‘sleep’… it’s a mess, everything is a mess!

Young Master Jiu harbored such intentions?

Aunt Zhang carried Princess, ignoring her purrs as she walked in a daze.

Back in the room, Bo Jiu was still staring at Qin Mo.

Almighty Qin’s arm went around the youngster’s waist and he smiled enigmatically. “Why? Aren’t you going to continue forcing yourself onto me?”

Bo Jiu lifted her brows, pushing herself down, her breath falling onto his ears and her lips curved upwards. “Brother Mo, think about it, if something really goes wrong with your hand, even someone like me would be able to bring you down. Isn’t that very dangerous? I’m complimenting your looks right now, it’ll definitely make others unable to restrain themselves.”

Qin Mo’s gaze deepened, it was probably because he had seen the youngster cross-dress.

Now, whenever he pressed himself above him and was forcing himself onto him, his thoughts would run wild.

Since the youngster had volunteered himself so actively, he couldn’t blame him.

Qin Mo exerted strength in his left hand, flipping him over, using the other hand to press his shoulders down. He glanced at the perfect collarbone which had been exposed, his lips zeroing in and his voice deep. “How are you going to not be able to restrain yourself?”

She never expected his move, his hot breath splashing onto her collarbone.

Most importantly, the Almighty actually bit her.

Really bit her.

Bo Jiu felt a second of existential crisis, but since she had already done her precaution measures before coming, the Almighty would never notice her secret. Hence, she remained motionless as any movement would endanger the bottom area of being found out.

Next time, she could be called binding expert and disguise master.

It was slightly painful and a little numb. In the end, she couldn’t seem to describe the feeling.

Qin Mo lowered his head, his dark wispy hair hanging, shielding his expression, his gaze deep.

Her flesh, soft and tender, carried a coldness which was unique to the youngster. He wanted the youngster to be a part of him.