Chapter 625 - Trust Me As I Trust You

Chapter 625: Trust Me As I Trust You

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“Hey, Brother Mo, are you a tiger, are you done?” Bo Jiu shifted, moving away from their intimate stance skillfully. “Even if you bite me, I’ll have to force you to receive treatment.” Bo Jiu poked his right hand. “There shouldn’t be any flaws to this perfection, how are you going to catch criminals in the future?”

“You use your brains to catch criminals, not your hands.” Qin Mo glanced at the youngster, the fallen strands of his hair looking extra ravishing. “I won’t miss the National League this time. You don’t have to say anymore, understand?”

Bo Jiu nodded. “So let’s make some concessions, you head over to America for treatment and I’ll fight the first few matches, making sure we reach the semifinals. I won’t lose and I won’t let Supreme Alliance lose.”

Qin Mo didn’t respond.

Bo Jiu lifted a brow, pulling onto his hand, she clenched her fist and placed it in his palm. “Brother Mo, you should trust me as I trust you. Besides, Hero is a game that depends on technique, if you use your Three Thousand Knife Cutting skill too many times during the earlier rounds, you won’t be able to sustain for the latter half. With Xiangnan Team’s skills, if your injury were to flare up, you won’t be able to go all out, which would become a regret.”

“Fifteen days.” Qin Mo lifted his lids. “I will only be away for fifteen days and if anything comes up in these fifteen days, let me know.”

Bo jiu laughed. “Sixteen, the extra day is for your flight.”

Qin Mo didn’t wish to argue on such trivial matters, he glanced at the mark he left on his collarbone, his gaze deepening. He pushed the youngster aside and grabbed a towel.

“Where are you going?” Bo Jiu stood up. How could he leave in the middle of a conversation?

Qin Mo didn’t even turn around. “Want to shower together?”

“No thanks, I’m afraid your body would make me jealous.” Bo Jiu randomly threw out an excuse. “I’m heading down to play games with Aunty. Brother Mo, once you are down, pack your stuff, I’ll send you to the airport.”

Qin Mo glanced at the youngster’s back view, a certain hardened area having no intentions on softening.

He was going crazy.

Qin Mo bent down to loosen his pants, pulling his top out. He took a cold shower, the water shaking his body back to its senses.

But his thoughts were still filled with the same person.

That inner beast — he didn’t know how long more he could keep it in.

If it wasn’t that person, maybe he could be greedy, but because it was him, he wouldn’t be able to withstand even the least bit of hatred or even distance.

After Qin Mo changed his clothes, he headed downstairs.

The background music from Hero was playing.

Movie Queen An was adorable as even when she gamed, she chattered on,” What’s wrong with this sorcerer, I’m almost done with this guy, but instead of continuing the battle, he actually went below the tower to beat the tower?!”

“There’s more newcomers in the mobile version.” The youngster laughed as he operated on the phone, not forgetting to tilt his head. “Wait for me in the bush.”

Movie Queen An’s spirit was lifted. Whenever she went into the bushes, it meant that Jiu was going to bring her along on his battles.

However, before the youngster could kill anyone, Qin Mo pulled his arm, speaking to him in a deep voice, “Aren’t you sending me to the airport?”

“Now?” Bo Jiu chuckled. “Then I’ll just have to abandon Aunty and leave my phone aside. I’ll probably be nagged at for a long while.”