Chapter 626 - His Treasure

Chapter 626: His Treasure

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Movie Queen An couldn’t understand the situation. “Why are you going to the airport? The National League starts tomorrow and the first round is in Jiang City, isn’t it?” She came back specifically to watch the competition.

“Mmh,” he replied, “Jiu would take care of it while I treat my hand.”

Movie Queen An stilled, her gaze sweeping his arm a glance. “It hasn’t recovered?”

“Mmh.” Qin Mo didn’t want the youngster to know that only his physiological issue had been resolved.

An elegant smile spread across her face. “I understand, go on. I’ll get Deputy Zhang to follow along.”

Qin Mo didn’t reject her arrangement, it was best for the treatment to be kept under wraps. He was still holding onto the youngster, with no intention of letting go.

Movie Queen An glanced at their rear view, her voice filled with admiration. “Aunt Zhang, Mo is finally willing to have treatment on his own accord and with such ease, it seems so incredible.”

“Yes, Madam.” Aunt Zhang stood beside him.

Movie Queen An smiled. “He probably found someone reliable. Jiu is definitely his precious treasure.”

The image from before emerged once again. Aunt Zhang wasn’t sure how to reply, she couldn’t just tell the Madam that Young Master Jiu almost had just forced himself on the Young Master.

But Young Master’s attitude could probably be called very much willing.

Aunt Zhang had served the Qin family her entire life and had witnessed all sorts of events.

Even two soldiers were able to catch each other’s eye, but it wasn’t an easy path.

Hence, she decided to remain silent.

Deep inside, she hoped both young masters would be able to succeed.

However, not everyone thought the same.

Wu Zhen had already started to see the youngster negatively when she saw Qin Mo’s post. She tightened her grip on the mouse and took a deep breath.

Actually, she couldn’t understand it; she had loved him for such a long time, but he had never given her a response.

It was chilling, but she still loved him.

Maybe, it was time for her to change her tactic as her approach was different from the youngster’s.

Wu Zhen lowered her lids. When the call went through, her first words to Han Susu were, “The youngster that you like so much is probably a gay…”

Han Susu couldn’t process the rest of her words.

When she realized the person she liked was gay, all her dreams came crashing down.

It left her trust and support for Spade Z in vain.

The news caught her off guard.

“Disgusting.” Han Susu rubbed her back. “That explains why he has never given me a response, I have been wrong all this time. I must expose him during the National League.”

Wu Zhen frowned. “It won’t be good for the Supreme Alliance, you should know the importance of the Supreme Alliance to Brother Mo.”

“What should I do? I feel really disgusted right now.”

Some feelings would morph and once this fondness started to morph, it would pose dangers.

Wu Zhen understood and thus wouldn’t take action. She would let Han Susu know about it because when she could no longer keep it in, she would execute the actions and would even be grateful towards Wu Zhen.

In fact, Wu Zhen had only decided to tell her about it because she treated Han Susu as a younger sister.

A gay using his gender to approach other guys to the point it crossed the line and not even responding the person that liked him — such a presence betrayed the rules of this world.

Unknowingly, Wu Zhen started to view him negatively…