Chapter 627 - Expose Spade Z!

Chapter 627: Expose Spade Z!

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“I can’t just let my feelings go in vain,” Han Susu continued, “I have to expose that bast*rd!”

After setting her mind to it, Han Susu hung up and started to plot…

Previously, she had always gathered her friends to support the youngster, all because of her feelings for him.

She attributed that youngster’s lackluster response to his cold personality, but from the looks of things now, he was just a gay that kept pestering Brother Qin.

She wanted to see how he was going to play with ease once everything was exposed!

Her reaction was extreme.

Those that were being made use of would never realize it.

But even if they realized they had been made use of, they would be willing.

This was human nature.

I like you, hence, you are obligated to like me as well. I express my love for you in my own way, but you repay me with such disappointing respond.

Han Susu was a person who thought this.

This sort of person would always seek out their own justice.

She gathered all her friends and other fans, prepared to expose his facade.

That was Han Susu’s objective. Besides, she felt let down and shortchanged for all she had done before, changing the nature of the matter entirely.

The gaming industry generally consisted of a younger crowd. They gathered together to have a discussion.

“If I had known he was gay, I would never have fallen for him.”

“Previously, when I saw him with the Almighty, I would always find it loving, I can’t believe he is really gay!”

“To think we helped boost his popularity every day, we must have been blind.”

“There isn’t anything wrong with being gay, he doesn’t need to tell us about it.”

“I really like him a lot, but this is the last straw.”

All sorts of opinions came flooding onto the net.

It was clear some of the comments weren’t by Spade Z’s fans, but rather just Han Susu’s friends that pretended to be fans.

The conversation centered around the topic being gay.

“I like you, how can you treat us like that?”

That was the general consensus.

Those who were just watching the drama were probably wondering what Spade Z had done to them.

The web managers came out for damage control, explaining the entire situation. “I shall not even bother to justify Big Spade’s sexuality, but even if he is gay, did he cheat you of sex?”

“No, listen to me, Big Spade is gay and belongs to Almighty Qin. You guys can just give up, just go on with your life.”

“Is this how he repays our support?”

“Even a passerby won’t be able to look past this, how can Spade Z treat his fans like this?!”

“I’m confused, how did Big Spade treat his fans?”

“He didn’t tell us that he is a gay”!”

The netizens commented vigorously, coming in swamps.

Feng Yi swept the comment section a glance, explaining hurriedly, “Even if Spade Z is gay, he isn’t obliged to tell anyone. He is just an esports player who is required to do well in his game. Alright, continue to support the National League. Those who are lucky would be able to be there in person to support Big Spade.”