Chapter 628 - Jiu and Almighty Qin

Chapter 628: Jiu and Almighty Qin

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In fact, real fans would never suspect their idols, forming a support system.

That persisted ever since the youngster had debuted.

They understood the youngster.

What was wrong with being gay if he hadn’t caused any harm?

Hence, after Feng Yi posted, everyone gathered together to defend Big Spade with logic, justifying what sort of person he was.

Of course, there would be a layer of doubt.

Feng Yi was aware that some of them would never understand the harm they were causing, especially if there were anti-fans within the bunch.

After a while, their thoughts would leak through.

One of them stated, “As a representative of the crowd today, I would like to clarify that we are mature and since we like Spade Z so much, we would still support him silently despite our unhappiness.” His next post remarked, “Hehe, who cares about supporting him, I’m purely a passerby who can’t stand this nonsense.”

Feng Yi wanted to laugh at their ridiculous comments.

Weren’t the two posts contradictory?

It was really a pity that these people were too young and couldn’t seem to understand.

Fortunately, the real fans were an indestructible wall, so sometimes, he couldn’t help feeling proud.

There wasn’t a need for excessive emotional exchange, but they could still handle matters rationally.

Emotions might be precious, but when they came together for the same person, it was because of the same belief.

It was similar to the beginning when he chose Qin Mo, regardless of when it was, he had trust.

The matter didn’t blow up, but the moment the term ‘gay’ emerged, there would be attention — and that was exactly the result Han Susu wanted.

The next step was to find someone because this wasn’t enough.

She already knew about the chance to watch the match live, thus, even if the matter wouldn’t blow up now, it didn’t mean it couldn’t blow up during the live match.

She had contact with some hardcore fans and after talking with them, she was able to head to the match, even with her issues.

By then, she wouldn’t need to take action for the matter to escalate. Just like today…

Haiz, she was still disgusted. How could she fall for a gay?

Besides, who did he think he was, how could he not reciprocate her feelings?

This was payback.

“Even if he can’t stand me, he won’t be able to touch me.”

Since there would be someone else doing the dirty work.

Han Susu was right.

Feng Yi needed the team to handle the matter and he didn’t wish to alert the two victims.

He lifted his head, glancing over at the clock in his office.

Little Spade had already notified him; he had managed to convince the Almighty and was now sending him off.

Feng Yi understood what it meant for the Supreme Alliance once Almighty Qin was gone.

Everyone had to stick together during such a critical moment because from this point on, all the pressure would be on the youngster.

The intelligent youngster understood that once a newcomer took on the role of Supreme Alliance’s vice-captain, victory would be considered a given while his loss would be met with hatred and a lack of understanding.

The youngster understood the gravity of the situation from the start but he hadn’t said much. “I won’t let Brother Mo fall from his divine spot.”

The youngster’s eyes glowed as he made this statement.

In this world, it hadn’t always been peace and prosperity, there had always been someone shouldering the weight.