Chapter 629 - Distributing Sweets

Chapter 629: Distributing Sweets

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He was deeply moved.

Instead, the youngster raised a palm, putting his emotion to a stop cooly. “It’s normal for a younger brother to do that for his older brother.”

So… were they really ‘brothers’? Then what was with their kiss? Even though he had never dated before, he still had some general knowledge!

The old fox didn’t expose him, but inside, he concluded that Little Spade’s sacrifice was because of love. But if he wanted to call it ‘brotherly love’, who was there to stop him?

At the other end, the two ‘brothers’ were biding each other goodbye at the airport, but the Almighty did it differently than everyone else.

“I will get someone to watch over you.” Qin Mo lifted a brow. “If you use your skills again, the police would not hesitate to arrest you, do you understand?.”

Bo Jiu replied, “I’m busy preparing for the competition.”

“Hand me your phone,” Qin Mo instructed calmly.

Bo Jiu lifted a brow, not understanding why the Almighty needed a phone, but she still handed it over since she was here to send him off, after all.

Qin Mo glanced at the call history, scrolling down to delete someone off his contact list — Li Mengran. “A breakup has to be thorough, don’t be a je*k.”

“Alright, Brother Mo, everything you say is right.”

Qin Mo smiled at these words. “Don’t worry, this won’t affect me.”

His eyes swept over the youngster.

Bo Jiu believed that her good looks were rather trustworthy.

Unexpectedly, Qin Mo reached over to carry the fat cat from Deputy Zhang’s arms, placing it into the youngster’s arms. “He’ll watch over you.”

“Meow?!” The fat cat tilted his head.

Bo Jiu lifted a brow. “Princess?” He wanted a cat to watch over her?

“Yes, bring him everywhere you go, he would react the moment you approach a female.” Qin Mo replied faintly.

The fat cat reached his paws out, waving it agitatedly, treating Bo Jiu as a monster!

Bo Jiu pressed him down. “I don’t think it’s going to work, we don’t even get along well.”

“Then try to get along, I’m going to hold you responsible if he loses weight,” Qin Mo replied leisurely.

Bo Jiu was confused. How could someone who had never reared a pet keep such a difficult cat? It wouldn’t be good for both her and the cat!

The fat cat seemed to understand his owner’s wishes, he stopped waving his paws, turning slowly to glance at the handsome youngster with a weird scent, his face in shock.

Deputy Zhang stood at the side, no longer able to hold his laughter.

Qin Mo didn’t bother about the youngster or the cat.

An announcement played through the airport, slow yet familiar, with a soothing effect. “Dear passengers, flight number CA8157 flying towards New York has started boarding, please head over to gate no. 13…”

Qin Mo didn’t reach for the cat. Reaching for his luggage, his figure tall and slender, his hand clenching into fists as he nudged the youngster’s head, his gaze deep. “Wait for me.”

“Okay.” Bo Jiu wanted to bid him farewell properly, but the cat kept moving repeatedly.

The moment Bo Jiu pressed his tail down, an aromatic peppermint tobacco scent flooded her senses as Qin Mo singlehandedly pulled the youngster into an embrace…