Chapter 63

Chapter 63: Bullying Young Master Fu? Courting Death!

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Fu Ximing was a kid with great self-control. After hearing Manager Li’s words, he didn’t show any signs of ecstasy. For a high school kid, that minimal show of arrogance was really not bad.

Du Ze laughed out loud. He was not really feeling smug, but he simply wanted that black sheep to pay attention and hear such a tidbit.

Look at the huge difference between him and Young Master Fu!

The best scenario would be for them to get into a fight in the store and for this news to reach He Honghua.

Then, without further wasting efforts, He Honghua’s company would collapse!

Du Ze’s plan was alright, but there was something he didn’t expect.

After hearing their words, Fu Jiu was not angry at all. Rather, she casually picked up a mouse and asked the salesperson, “How much is this?”

That easygoing gesture clearly showed that she couldn’t be bothered about them!

Du Ze frowned and quickly acted out again. “Now, even those who know nothing about computers are all over the place being a nuisance to shoppers. You should implement a VIP system or something later and establish rules about who can and cannot come in.”

Manager Li knew a little about the Fu family’s business and glanced over at Fu Jiu. “Manager Du, let’s keep looking. Don’t bother with those insignificant people. Let him waste his money however he wants. It’s not cheap to get that whole set of equipment.”

Du Ze thought so too. With He Honghua’s money, she couldn’t afford for her son to waste money like this. Yeah, keep buying, the more the merrier!

Who knew that Fu Ximing would also set his mind on the one Fu Jiu had picked. “I want that one too.”

Du Ze broadened his smile but didn’t say anything.

Fu Jiu lifted the corner of her mouth so bewitchingly that the salesperson blushed.

“I’m so sorry.” The store manager came over when he heard them talking. “This is the mouse that the Almighty uses. We only have one in stock.”

Only one?

Then who should get it?

The saleswoman felt that this pretty silver-haired young man should have it. After all, he had picked it first and was about to pay!

But Du Ze wanted to test a person’s limits. “Since it’s good stuff, then whoever offers the most will get it.”

“But…” The store manager looked troubled. Honestly, as a businessman, it was natural for him to desire more money.

But… this way of doing business was not very principled! Nobody would come to his store to purchase anymore!

He wanted to say something when he saw a few people wearing uniforms walk in. One of them was about six feet tall. He looked appealing, and seemed to be from a well-off family. He put one hand on Fu Ximing’s shoulder as he said in a low voice, “Ming, what’s up!”

“I was getting a mouse, but someone won’t let me.” Fu Ximing looked in Fu Jiu’s direction as he was saying this. “Don’t you find it amusing?”

That guy laughed somewhat evilly, “Is that your stupid brother? Can he win against you? Old Yuan, give me some slack. We are real gamers, it’s not exactly nice to give such a great mouse to a rookie, right?”

Old Yuan was the store manager. Seeing that a professional league member was here, he said instantly, “Then, who offers the most will get it.”

This bullying is too much! The pretty young man must be so angry! the saleswoman thought. She looked towards Fu Jiu with worry in her eyes.

But she didn’t expect that the pretty young man would wink at her and then lift his thin lips, saying a number after a light laugh. “10,000.”