Chapter 630 - Continue Distributing Sweets

Chapter 630: Continue Distributing Sweets

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Fu Jiu hadn’t expected that embrace.

It only dawned on her when the warmth of his chest spread across her face.

The sweater brushed her face as the Almighty’s other hand caressed her head and the world seemed to quieten down.

When someone was so absurdly close to another, only their heartbeats could be heard.

The airport was where people sent others off.

Hence, the sight of a handsome man with a youngster in his arms wasn’t out of the ordinary, but Deputy Zhang thought otherwise about the scene in front of him.

Unlike Feng Yi, he had never experienced such things, it was the first time he saw Young Master Qin hugging anyone.

Their appearance was definitely a treat for the eyes, it wasn’t just their faces, even their figure, air, and dressing.

Even with Bo Jiu buried deep in Qin Mo’s chest, those passing could still catch a glimpse of the white cat who Bo Jiu carried and who was sandwiched between both of them.

Qin Mo was absolutely ravishing, his gaze deep, his nose sharp and straight, his lips slightly curved, emitting a distant vibe.

But the moment he caressed the youngster’s head, his cold armor seemed to melt away, a warm smile spreading across his face. “Behave if you don’t want to be arrested, I have something to tell you when I’m back.”

Bo Jiu raised a brow, she didn’t care about being arrested, besides, with her abilities, she wouldn’t be caught that easily.

Almighty, can’t you be clearer?!

What exactly do you want to say?

Was it deliberate?

Bo Jiu glanced at the officer at the security gate and the way Qin Mo lifted his arms for the security check. Mmh, dashing!

As expected of the Almighty, constantly igniting the urge to rear him within her.

Forget it, rearing his cat was the same.

She pressed the cat’s tail down once more, smiling threateningly. “Brother Mo is gone, if you don’t behave, I’m going to shave off all your hair.”

“Meow, meow, meow!” Owner, hurry back, this person with a weird scent is a pervert, meow!

Even though her words were ruthless, Bo Jiu’s actions were gentle and tender.

Being underaged, Bo Jiu wasn’t able to drive.

Thus Deputy Zhang offered to give her a ride, but they weren’t going in the same direction and it was convenient for her to take the train.

Hence, Bo Jiu appeared in the Jiang City train station which was known to be the most populated area in the country.

But Bo Jiu had indeed forgotten something, Jiang City wasn’t like Fifth Avenue and Tokyo, animals weren’t allowed on the train.

But she was already here… The youngster lifted a brow, biting the lollipop as she pulled her jacket over Princess’s body.

It was normal to be seen wearing thick clothes during winter. Even though Princess was a fat cat, her head wasn’t very big.

Also, fortunately, there were only bag checks and no full body scans.

But Bo Jiu still attracted many stares.

This… Even guys could get pregnant?

Judgemental stares kept coming her way. In the end, she pulled the cat upwards.

Princess wasn’t very well behaved, but the moment she moved, the youngster would blackmail her, “Shave your fur.”

This world has no cat-rights!

Princess was depressed, very depressed.

Bo Jiu reached out to caress her ear.

When a girl caught sight of the youngster, she deliberately changed her route, following behind.

She never expected to see her handsome Big Spade here!