Chapter 631 - Loving Fans, National League Is Here!

Chapter 631: Loving Fans, National League Is Here!

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Indeed, she was a fan of Spade Z and even the kind that had been gaming for many years.

Before she met Big Spade, she could confidently proclaim that she was a fan purely because of the youngster’s skills and definitely not because of his looks, but after seeing him… He really was ravishing! She wanted to gather her friends to take a look, but she understood that protecting his privacy was necessary.

Hence, she sat beside the youngster silently; just being near him was enough.

When you truly like someone, you wouldn’t need to attract their attention, their comfort would be of utmost importance.

But why was Big Spade’s tummy so bloated and why did it seem to be ascending?

The youngster must have sensed her gaze as he shifted her lids over. Princess tugged the zipper open, exposing his tiny head, his snowy white ears fidgeting.

That image was exceptionally cute!

Especially when the youngster raised his arm to tug his collar, pulling his zipper nonchalantly.

But Big Spade, you have already been exposed!

The girl wanted to laugh.

Bo Jiu must have noticed the commotion as she turned, lifting a finger onto her lips, signaling for her to keep quiet. “Pretend you didn’t see anything.”

“Alright.” The girl lowered her voice. “Can I tell you, I’m a Spade Z fan, the kind that loves you a lot?”

Bo Jiu must be in luck. Otherwise, why did she meet fans wherever she went?

The response caught her off guard.

The cat in her arms reacted, moving about agitatedly as though saying, “Don’t you dare cheat on my master, you dumb human, are you tired of living?!”

Bo Jiu remained silent, pressing him down forcefully.

The girl wanted to burst into laughter.

Bo Jiu wasn’t proficient with conversing with her fans, acting cute with Princess the entire journey — but Princess wasn’t like a male cat. How could he act like that in front of girls?

If it wasn’t for her threat, Princess would probably get even with her as well.

Honestly, why did the Almighty rear such a dangerous cat?

Princess could even detect a cross-dresser. So was he perhaps a police cat?

They conversed lightly.

Fortunately, it was a topic the youngster was familiar with: gaming.

Student Jiu had a way when talking about gaming.

When the girl mentioned she played tanks, the youngster immediately added, “You should pay attention to long-range attacks. If they are present, don’t worry and just head forward, even if they attack you, your HP won’t fall much. As long as your master attack is fully prepared, it’ll be easy to finish them off. If you’re more experienced, you should pay attention to the positioning, how to dodge attacks and remember to practice your finger’s agility to dodge their attacks, attack their…”

Time flew along with her words.

Finally, it was time for Bo Jiu to alight.

The girl tugged onto the youngster’s sleeve, her eyes gleaming. “Good luck for the National League!”


Bo Jiu smiled, clear and bright. She stuffed a hand into her pocket, holding onto the cat with the other before entering the swarm of people.

This day had finally arrived: the National League!