Chapter 632 - National League Begins

Chapter 632: National League Begins

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Countless numbers of cameras went off simultaneously.

All the gaming platforms were on standby, prepared to enter the livestream.

The event master held onto the microphone, shouting his guts out before finally taking a break.

This was unlike the smaller competitions.

What did the National League entail?

After this event, all of them would be known to the gaming world.

Images of MVPs would be magnified and screened daily, some would even become the ambassadors for gaming companies.

This competition would determine the fate of many, so it was similar to a celebrity casting.

Their results were dependent on their teams and their beliefs stood firm, the wish to end without regret, to be acknowledged and to fight alongside their teammates.

At 7.30 am, Xue Yaoyao headed down after preparing.

This was the first time she faced her neighbor’s scrutiny with such ease.

All the cruelty, malice and distortion, didn’t matter at that moment as she had a date with her youth.

The very thought of her teammates was enough to ignite a passion within her.

The presence of some people was enough to bring strength — especially His Highness Jiu.

Even though her mother married into the Jiang family, Xue Yaoyao’s transportation remained the same. As it would take around 30 minutes if she ran to the competition arena, she set her watch, put on her battle outfit and stepped onto the pedestrian road, ready to go.

Yun Hu and Lin Feng appeared together, and as usual, they alighted from a land rover, each of them looking suave with a black shoulder bag.

Feng Shang was there earlier than the rest since his brother Feng Yi had to lead the fan clubs into the arena.

Han Susu had her eyes on exactly that.

She had interacted with fans of Spade Z and had developed close ties, which made chatting more convenient.

Han Susu’s first target was Sister Turtle, who was known as the leader of Spade Z’s fan club and had even received authorization by the official management.

So she just had to tackle the officials.

As she expressed her feelings for Spade Z to Sister Turtle, Sister Turtle sent a comforting emoticon over. “Everyone feels the same.”

This wasn’t the first time Han Susu spoke to Sister Turtle, hence, it was rather comfortable to talk. In the past, she had been obsessed with Spade Z and had wanted to get to know him, but even her brother wasn’t able to get her a date.

This time, she spoke to Sister Turtle with the hope of entering the list of fans that supported him during the live match.

Sister Turtle was in a rush, replying her carelessly, “The list is determined by the management.”

Han Susu tried to coax her into getting her in, but nothing worked, she and others remained firm and refused to budge. It was totally unlike the other fans of Spade Z she had met previously.

Han Susu decided to change her tactic and in the end, three of the fans told her about the entire schedule.

All the preparation was complete; she just had to gather her friends and a few other fans of Spade Z before heading over to the competition ground.

Even though the fans were gathered by the management, the audience could still watch the outer matches if they bought tickets. Han Susu made use of the gap in-between to enter with her group.

She wanted to see how the youngster would react to her interrogation.

Now, these fans seemed to like her more than Spade Z, plus, most of them had grievances as well. There was nothing wrong with voicing their grievances.