Chapter 633 - Passionate

Chapter 633: Passionate

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If it hadn’t been for their past obsession, it would never have morphed into such a horrifying presence.

Some people had the ability to distort facts.

If they weren’t able to be loved back, it would definitely be the other party’s fault.

Besides, she wouldn’t need to speak, the people she brought along would be enough to heat up the arena.

Han Susu surveyed the area, bringing her group over to where Spade fans were seated, waiting for the players to take their position.

Every team had a designated rest area.

After Feng Yi had settled the fans, he walked over to the rest area, smiling slyly. “For the last time, is everyone here?”

“Of course.” Lin Feng lifted his lips, looking dashing in his fully black uniform. He circled an arm around Yun Hu’s shoulder.

Yun Hu remained silent, but there was a glow within his gaze.

Feng Shang stuttered, “Cap-captain isn’t here.”

Feng Yi paused, he came early to inform the others that Qin Mo wouldn’t be around for the first 15 days of the competition.

But thinking about it was one thing and executing was another. With the battle ahead, Almighty Qin’s departure would definitely affect their morale.


A black skateboard banged open the wooden door, the youngster’s ravishing figure coming through, the rays reflected off his silvery hair. “Captain isn’t here, but his cat is.”

Bo Jiu pulled down her zipper, exposing a formidable face. “Meow.”

“Let me introduce Princess.” Bo Jiu smiled faintly. “Princess is here to supervise.”

Princess lifted his tail in infuriation.

Bo Jiu pressed his tail. “Princess is here to represent Captain and it’s my honor to act as the vice-captain. You can call me Little Captain. I will quote Baby Feng, I’ll lead you to exterminate your enemies towards greater heights.”

Lin Feng stilled slightly before reaching out to caress the cat’s head, deliberately avoiding anything about Qin Mo as he asked in a deep voice, “A female?”

“Meow!” I’m a male, male!

Bo Jiu smiled faintly. “He’s a male.”

“A male cat called Princess?” Lin Feng asked startled.

Bo Jiu lifted a brow. “You have to ask the Almighty.”

Lin Feng shook his head. “As expected, Captain’s interest can never be understood by us commoners.”

None of them asked about Qin Mo’s whereabouts.

This was the Supreme Alliance, after all.

Some questions would end up burdening the youngster and thus, they chose to remain silent.

Yin Wuyao had been through a lot and understood what it meant for a captain to be absent at the start of a competition.

He also understood the pressure that the youngster would be shouldering as the vice-captain.

He spat the cigarette in his mouth, reaching out with his arm. “Vice-captain, are you ready to lead us to greater heights and to exterminate our rivals?”

“What do you think?” The youngster held onto the cat with one hand and reached out the other.

The Supreme Alliance had always had such a connection.

They weren’t perfect and were flawed because of their unique playing style; two of their players hadn’t even competed in the National League before and some of them came from the distant mountainous village, but none of this affected their cohesiveness.

They lifted their arms.

One over the other, with the fat white cat in the middle.

“Our goal, the National League!”