Chapter 634 - Always Been Like This

Chapter 634: Always Been Like This

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That restroom became the place where their dreams took flight.

The cameras in the arena were all set up, prepared to capture the teams’ entrance.

At this moment, all fans stood up, surrounding the two sides of the road to welcome the teams.

There was a huge banner over the head of a Spade Z fan who was a classical beauty, slender and upright.

She was probably below thirty years old, her mid-length milk tea-colored hair spread to the sides and a pair of huge eyes peeked through. Dressed in formal corporate attire, her presence itself placed the crowd at ease.

The other fans of Spade Z stuck their heads out adorably. Even though they were the quietest bunch, each of them was bright-eyed, and their gazes were filled with anticipation and excitement.

Finally, someone appeared!

All the lights centered in, forming a horizontal pathway.

With a total of eleven of them dressed in full gear, they seemed like galactic officers, emitting a suave aura.

But this time, it was Bo Jiu leading the pack, not Qin Mo.

The youngster stood at the front with her dark gaze and silvery hair, a fat white cat in her hands. Even though she wasn’t tall, she gave off an incomparable sharpness akin to an ice blade.

The crowd went ablaze!

The support began.

Once the livestream flashed, the viewership skyrocketed.

Just as Bo Jiu was about to enter with her team, someone suddenly bolted out, hurling a can of coke towards the youngster. “How can a gay do this to his fans?!”

Everyone was caught off guard and even Feng Yi froze, his entire mind blanking out.

Sister Turtle was too far away, so it wasn’t possible for her to head over.

Three other fans of Spade Z surrounded them.

“I just wanted to know, after all the love we have given you, why…?”

No one paid attention to their words.

As they were in public, all their questions were magnified and captured by the cameras.

The youngster stood there, coke dripping down his hair onto his clothes, his smoky makeup smeared, he stood there in a miserable state in front of a large audience and the countless numbers of cameras.

The real Spade Z fans stood up, their agitated gaze turning into heartache as the youngster had never been treated like this before.

The fat white cat was still huddled in Bo Jiu’s embrace.

Near the cameras, the bunch awaited the youngster’s loss of control.

Han Susu managed to blend into the crowd as she watched the drama unfold, but unexpectedly, the youngster didn’t lose control or grab onto her collar like before, bashing her until she was crippled.

It wasn’t because of Bo Jiu’s kind-heartedness, but rather that was aware of the importance of the competition, and it was enough for her to endure this humiliation.

The coke was still dripping. Bo Jiu raised her arm to swipe her silvery strands, just like a male god that had just entered a battle arena, her long slender legs fully clothed in battle gear, her lips curved upwards. Even if it was a miserable sight, her flamboyance was enough to melt hearts.

“You like me a lot?” The youngster lifted a brow, asking the three fans.

The fans felt wronged. “Think about it yourself, think of our support, what exactly did we do for you to treat us like that?!”

“I have always been like this.” The youngster chuckled. “The person you like probably isn’t me or you wouldn’t be here to interrogate me. Do you know the reason behind the existence of fans? Every time us players walk out and see the banner, hear the adoring cheers, coincidentally bump into fans on the train — all of this would fuel us on. Those are the people that truly love us, who allow us to continue our craft, to make us believe that there is light beyond the tunnel, to push us on whenever we feel like giving up. But players are humans. If your love is to humiliate me, then congratulations, you have succeeded. There’s still the competition, Feng Shang, we will not stop, let’s go.”