Chapter 636 - Allrounder Z!

Chapter 636: Allrounder Z!

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"I love how cool Spade Z is when he fights solo, why is he in the teamfight this time? This seems like the first time Spade Z participates in a teamfight, I'm excited and I believe the fans are as well, let's watch and see!" the shoutcaster ended.

Another acknowledged his words with, "Mmh, let's watch and see."

The shoutcasters' personalities were complete opposites, adding joy to the battle arena.

Their competitors were a worthy opponent.

The match began.

First was the 1v1 match.

Yun Hu's battle style was just like his personality, stable and ruthless.

He finished off victoriously against three opponents

In the 2v2, Feng Shang and Yin Wuyao were paired up.

This was a totally unexpected pairing since Feng Shang was still new.

But Bo Jiu thought otherwise.

They were still at the initial stage of the competition, which was the best time to train the newcomers as they had to quickly adjust to the National League. Regardless of whether it was Feng Shang or Xue Yaoyao, both of them had to gain experience from this moment on to prevent panicking at a later stage.

Feng Shang didn't have much professional gaming competition experience, but he was, after all, a reputed player in Hero's District C.

Perhaps some might not think of such an inexperienced player a threat, but they failed to realize that Feng Shang had a vast gaming experience.

The opponents thought Feng Shang was an easy target and were planning to ambush him from the bushes.

In the end, the intuition that Feng Shang gathered from his vast experience allowed him to sense the person ahead. He executed a master blow at the bushes before quickly retreating.

Their HP halved instantly.

Yin Wuyao chose the assassin and had been in the vicinity. Now that there was a chance, he came out of invisibility for a sudden attack!

Zeroing in on one of them!

Once Feng Shang caught sight of Yin Wuyao, he paused his retreat.

The two of them formed a team at both sides and the next second, an announcement sounded.


They won!

This was definitely a surprise.

They were prepared to lose.

But in the end, the opponents seemed to have neglected the number of lives they had, dying for the third time.

When there had only been one of them left, there had been no way to resist Yin Wuyao and Feng Shang.

Lastly… was the teamfight, the 5v5!

Someone shook his head.

"Even though Supreme Alliance is in the lead and the result for the teamfight isn't important, I wish to say something. The chances of Supreme Alliance winning this teamfight aren't that big."


"Almighty Qin isn't here, this would be a fatal blow to Supreme Alliance's battle formation. For a 5v5, a team's camaraderie plays a huge part. This also means that there has to be a long-range player, an assassin, a sorcerer, a supplementary aid and a tank. Those who have seen Spade Z's past results would know his preference for the assassin role. However, Lin Feng plays the assassin role as well. The chances for a team with two assassins and no sorcerer to win are rather slim. This is, after all, the National League, it isn't a random competition. The competitors are formidable, hence, this game is bound to be skewed. If Almighty Qin was here, there definitely wouldn't be an issue since he is an allrounder, who can stand in for any character…"

Before he could finish his commentary, an announcement flashed onto the screens along with a ring.

Spade Z — Sorcerer!

"Gosh, he actually chose the sorcerer role! Isn't he the most experienced in the assassin role?"