Chapter 637 - Trap to Capture Spade Z!

Chapter 637: Trap to Capture Spade Z!

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“Has Spade Z been training for the sorcerer?”

“Even if he has trained for the character, it has been less than five days. An unfamiliar character would place him in a disadvantage.”

“Regardless, let’s watch and see.”

A commotion arose from the audience.

For the 5v5 teamfight, Bo Jiu sat in the middle, fully geared in battle attire, a white cat resting on her thighs, with Xue Yaoyao and Lin Feng at either side.

Coco was here as well, serving as an aide.

But still, such a formation seemed worrisome.

“Once it starts, I will be the only one in the middle, regardless of how many people there are.” Bo Jiu lowered her voice as she instructed the others, “Yaoyao, take the bottom lane and the others take the top lane. Lin Feng, you focus on the jungle in the bottom lane and watch out for the bushes. Now, wear your headsets and switch on your mics.”

After Bo Jiu finished giving orders, everyone wore their headsets, their gaze focused ahead, youthfulness brimming out from their faces.

Their cool images flashed onto the screens as well as their dark uniform and delicate features.

Everyone chose their skills in unison with the same position, tapping Enter.


The special effect played as they entered the match, the audience couldn’t help clenching onto their cans tightly.

“It’s intense isn’t it, fangirls and boys out there? Come on, let’s have a technical discussion if the troops split into three paths, the sorcerer would usually take the middle lane, but for Spade Z who has always been killing-by-force all these while, would he be used to the sorcerer character? That is the crux of this match.”

“The archer in the bottom lane is important as well, if she doesn’t attack aggressively at the start, she might not be able to keep up afterward. There is indeed a lot of insufficiencies.”

“What did you say? Insufficiencies?”

“The archer is a newcomer, attacking her shouldn’t be an issue. If I were their opponent, I would place two players in the middle, two at the bottom lane and the last person at the top lane. As long as they manage to hit Xue Yaoyao or Spade Z, they would get the first drop of blood, completing the first kill.”

“F*ck, if they really end up in pairs, it’ll be a good show!”

In-game, Coco hesitated slightly when he saw someone heading over from the middle lane.

Then Bo Jiu’s voice came through the headset. “Continue attacking.”

Coco had heard the command, but he was worried Bo Jiu wouldn’t be able to keep up as this was, after all, the National League and a sorcerer had low HP.

The opposing assassin and tank headed straight for the middle lane.

“This is a good chance, hide in the bushes, I’ll use a master blow to stop Spade Z, you can use your finishing move to kill him off.”

This was the easiest way to deal with a sorcerer.

In a teamfight, a tank’s master move could crush a sorcerer’s master move and since a sorcerer had low HP, the moment he was hit by the tank, half his HP would be finished.

Furthermore, just one attack by the assassin would burn off a huge chunk of HP, another attack would definitely be fatal.

The other team’s vice-captain chose the tank character, his positioning well thought out, silently waiting for the chance to utilize his master blow, focused on diverting Spade Z’s attention.

The assassin, on the other hand, kept himself concealed, hiding in the bushes waiting to ambush, his eyes on Spade Z, his voice filled with the excitement of a hunter. “Vice-captain, he’s here.”