Chapter 638 - Is Spade Z Losing?

Chapter 638: Is Spade Z Losing?

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The match flashed on the screens, visible to the entire crowd.

It was unlike in the game which could only be seen by their teammates.

When Bo Jiu headed forward with an ice blade, all her fans watched with lifted hearts!

Even the shoutcaster’s face seemed to change as everyone knew that Spade Z was doomed!

But right at that moment, Bo Jiu paused, placing a freezing skill onto the space on her right before heading towards the bottom of the tower. The series of action caught everyone off guard.

“Why did Spade Z place his ability there?”

“Is he alright? The opponent is straight ahead, but he directed his attack to the right.”

“Has he not mastered the skill properly?”

Han Susu hadn’t been chased out yet, after all, she wasn’t the one that had caused a commotion, which meant that she was still amongst the audience.

But after what had occurred, it wasn’t right for her to be amongst Spade Z fans. In order to avoid being caught, she shifted to the left, blending into Coco’s fans since they were the nearest.

Coco’s fans were a rather young crowd, not many of them were versed in gaming, a small group becoming fans solely because of Coco’s cute appearance, hence, causing them to say such things.

Han Susu immediately shifted her gaze. “I like all the members in the Supreme Alliance and their individual fighting style, but Spade Z, in particular, seems a little problematic. He clearly can’t deal with the situation yet, he insists on taking the middle lane by himself, such a willful behavior is both worrying and unbearable. What if they lose because of him, aish, if it had been a solo match, it wouldn’t have mattered, but as a vice-captain, it would harm Supreme Alliance.”

“I won’t say much for the sake of Supreme Alliance.” Coco’s fans didn’t just follow along with the mockery, but Han Susu understood, even if they didn’t join in the mockery right now, they might not be able to keep it in afterward. From their expressions, she could see a hint of trouble beneath their expressions, it was just a matter of time.

It was a pity nothing went according to her plans.

Coco was a professional player, after all, thus it wasn’t possible for all his fans to be clueless.

A girl swept her a gaze. “Aren’t you a fan of Spade Z? What are you doing here? Besides, Sis, let me give you some advice, do you know why Spade Z planted the arrow in the bushes? It’s to prevent himself from being ambushed, it’s basic knowledge. If you don’t understand, can you just watch silently? I don’t understand why anyone would do that to their idol, are you an anti-fan?”

Han Susu’s face darkened as she thought of a comeback.

But as the girl wasn’t a fan of Spade Z, she didn’t pay Han Susu much attention, focusing back on the competition.

Actually, everyone else was focused on the competition.

Only those that had ulterior motives had their attention elsewhere, trying to conjure up trouble.

Han Susu came from a family of merchants and thus understood human relations and who to prey against. Some people, on the other hand, couldn’t be stirred.

But some — with money or emotions — would be able to lose judgment, preying on others. That was the mystical way of life.

On the screen, Spade Z fell into danger once again.

The third time, Bo Jiu was reduced to half the level of HP, causing tension amongst her fans.

Perhaps, Z wouldn’t be able to make it…