Chapter 639 - Dashing Spade Z!

Chapter 639: Dashing Spade Z!

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But both the fans and the shoutcaster missed out on one point!

The feminine shoutcaster lit up. “I get it!”

Get it?

Before the crowd could hear his explanation, Spade Z waved her arm, a huge rain spell enveloping the surrounding area with her in the middle.

Both of the opponent’s master attacks were gone amidst the rain spell.

However, while to Spade Z who had called the spell, it was just rain, to the others, the droplets were blades!


Their vice-captain was at his last breath, he wanted to stand firm, hoping the assassin could escape, but, it wasn’t possible for the youngster to let him go.

“Lin Feng.”

The soft command came through the headset and into the audience.

“Here! Come on, Little Spade, let’s begin this revolutionary cooperation!”

That’s right!


After finishing off his side, Lin Feng was near the middle lane, he moved up easily, finishing them off before going back to his lane.

All of a sudden, two striking letters appeared on the screen — K.O!

First kill!

No one expected that first kill!

The audience burst into a roaring chorus!

Some started to wave their support sticks, but that wasn’t even all!

The next announcement sounded — double-kill!

“Sweet!” The shoutcaster slapped the table. “Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! Let’s see the replay!”

The other shoutcaster was still brooding. “What did you mean by you get it?”

“The reason Spade Z decide to take on the middle lane alone! Other than to stretch his own limits rapidly, he was able to lure both the main tank and attacker out. It would also give Lin Feng time to fight and gain experience, once the tank has exhausted his master blow, he would cast the rain spell. It was obvious his rain spell wasn’t placed randomly, it was because Lin Feng was nearby to provide timely assistance!”

“You mean…” The shoutcaster didn’t dare to think further.

The feminine shoutcaster covered his face, acting coy. “It wasn’t my plan, it’s my Big Spade’s plan. He kept his skills under wraps and the moment he unleashed it, it was simply deadly.” the shoutcaster ended.

All of a sudden, the views for the live stream sky-rocketed!

That wasn’t all, the two of them had even taken down the tower in the middle lane at such fast speed. It was simply exhilarating!

It was no doubt a feast for the eyes.

Coco’s fans turned to give Han Susu a look of contempt.

A flame blazed within her.

Her aim was to humiliate Spade Z, but she never expected Spade Z’s fans to be so protective or that he would win after being splashed with coke!

The image from before flashed onto the screen.

The cameras moved backward, capturing the youngster’s emotionless face.

Handsome, flawless, cool.

Feng Yi glanced at the screen.

In fact, no one knew where the youngster’s growth came from.

Endure silently for the team.

We aren’t kind enough, we don’t know how to interact with others or might even have fatal personality flaws, but we can all grow for the person dear to us.

This was youth.