Chapter 64 - You Are Precisely The One Being Fooled!

Chapter 64: You Are Precisely The One Being Fooled!

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10,000 yuan for a mouse!?

Wasn’t this a little too extravagant?!

The sales-woman’s eyes widened into two big circles!

And that pretty young man had softly asked if there was a discount just now. How did he suddenly turn into a nouveau riche?

Du Ze was shocked. He Honghua was begging for money all over the city. Could it be that she still had money at home?

Otherwise, how could this black sheep still be so arrogant?

10,000 yuan for a mouse was just too expensive.

Even Fu Ximing, the spoiled and privileged young master, would feel the pinch from spending so much.

But with so many friends looking and a manager from the Qin Group’s club present, how could he lose face?


Fu Ximing laughed coldly and increased the bid.

Who didn’t know that He Honghua was out of money? What was with this posturing, heh!

He wanted to see how far this black sheep could go!

“11,000?” Fu Jiu laughed, slowly putting the thing in her hand down. “Owner, you can sell this mouse to this idiot now. 11,000 for a mouse, either you have money to burn or you’re a moron.”

The store manager: “…”

Fu Jiu didn’t care how the people around her reacted. She unwrapped another lollipop and spread out her fingers with an evil smile to reveal a hard drive beneath the mouse. “I want this, actually. Give me ten of the biggest internal hard drives.”

After all this drama, he didn’t come for the mouse but to buy hard drives?!

Then why did he start bidding?!

Even starting off with such a high price of 10,000!

Did he… Fu Ximing tightened his fingers as he squeezed the words out of his thin lips one by one. “Fu! Jiu! You played me!?”

“Hell yeah, I played you.” Fu Jiu pushed her silver hair back as she laughed fiercely. “So what?”

“You! You!” Fu Ximing was trembling from anger, but he was still rational. Knowing his status, he couldn’t stoop down to this person’s level in public. That would damage his image!

Fu Ximing took a deep breath and laughed. “It’s just 10,000. I know you can’t afford that with your situation. You are smart to give yourself a way out. Just wait until my dad divorces your mum, I will see if you can continue to act arrogant around me!”

Fu Jiu didn’t lose her temper with such a person either. She curled her thin lips. “Fu Ximing, if I were you, I wouldn’t even mention the fact that you are an illegitimate son or that your mistress mother split up a couple. It seems as though you are not ashamed of it, but rather proud of it? It’s true that, in this world, not everyone has the qualification to be called a person.”

“Fu! Jiu!” Fu Ximing, who realized that more people were gathering around, roared out with his face green. “Just you wait!”

That saleswoman knew what was going on now. This scion was not just bullying people, but he was also the evil intruder who planned to occupy the figurative nest after kicking a little bird out. She hated this kind of person the most. Seeing Fu Ximing leave, she shouted out, “Sir, please check out before you leave. 11,000 yuan in total, do you want to pay with cash or credit?”

Fu Ximing took another deep breath and pointed at Du Ze. “Ask him to pay!”

Du Ze didn’t expect this ending. Not only were they unable to bully that black sheep, they had also wasted 11,000 yuan for a mouse worth a hundred yuan!

Most importantly, he was the one shelling out that money!

This was f*cking bad luck!

What was the matter with this black sheep?

Did he become smarter?

No, not possible!

At most, it should just be a lucky case of a blind cat chancing upon a dead mouse!