Chapter 640 - Trust Issues?

Chapter 640: Trust Issues?

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Those playing the sorcerer knew that as long as their initial formation was stable, the subsequent formations would be stronger.

Hero was a game well liked by the masses. Thus, in order to excel, a complete understanding of the game was required and camaraderie amongst teammates was crucial.

After taking down another defense tower, both Bo Jiu and Lin Feng didn’t rush forward and instead went through the jungles towards the bottom lane.

When the opponent caught sight of them, it was too late.

Xue Yaoyao executed her big move, Lin Feng killed by force, Bo Jiu executed a freeze, and Xue Yaoyao then shot one of them.



He was indeed dashing!

This marked the start of their National League.

The tempo rose quickly as the attacker and tank revived, attacking the bottom lane along with their archer.

The three of them came together in order to eliminate Supreme Alliance since Spade Z was already left with only half of his HP.

This time, they wouldn’t waste their big move as they first had to stop his rain spell!

Unexpectedly, Bo Jiu never intended to fight head-on, sending a freezing spell to the wall before hiding into the bushes. Bo Jiu avoided the assassin and headed straight for the tower.

Xue Yaoyao and Lin Feng would get hurt but that wasn’t a problem because with Bo Jiu below the tower healing them, they would be fully healed in no time.

“F*ck! I didn’t get him!”

“Spade Z doesn’t seem to play the sorcerer for the first time.” The captain’s voice deepened. “We can’t make any more mistakes, the information we received is clearly inaccurate. Since we can’t get him, let’s catch someone else. Lu, conceal yourself and go.”


The assassin Lu moved swiftly, his figure barely visible when he moved.

The revived members guarded the middle lane while the other two were at the bottom lane.

There was one other player heading towards Coco.

The moment Bo Jiu realized the assassin was gone, her eyes narrowed. “Coco, retreat.”

But it was too late.

The best way for an assassin to attack was its fatal move close to the opponent.

Coco’s HP wasn’t full, hence, the attack caused massive destruction!

“Ah! No!”

The fans shrieked!

Even so, it wouldn’t change the outcome.

With a thud, Coco smashed onto the ground.

The other Supreme Alliance members wanted to turn back, but their sorcerer was still ahead. So with the main blow still wavering, holding him captive, he could only retreat.

A few of the younger fans couldn’t accept Coco’s death.

“How did it happen?”

“How could our Coco die like this?”

In the beginning, his fans were just regretful about his death.

Han Susu grabbed onto the opportunity, taking a long breath. “Isn’t it because the main attackers are protecting Spade Z, aish, this competition is simply heart wrenching.”

Her words successfully riled the hearts of Coco’s fans.

“Why didn’t he save our Coco?”

“What do you mean by attackers are used to protect Spade Z?”

“How could he just watch his teammate die? Mmh?”

As the questioning began, Coco’s mic was switched on. “I’m sorry, Vice-captain, it was my negligence. You reminded me about the assassin and wanted me to retreat, but it was too late.”

“No, after reviving, middle lane.” Bo Jiu was still manipulating the mouse in her palms, her eyes focused on the battle, her countenance clear and simple.