Chapter 641 - Responsibilities a Captain Carries

Chapter 641: Responsibilities a Captain Carries

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This wasn’t much between teammates.

Besides unless Almighty Qin, how was it possible for anyone not to die in a game?

Coco didn’t think much of it, thus once he revived, he went off happily.

But Han Susu didn’t give up, adding on another line. “Such nonchalance, why didn’t he say anything after Coco apologized? He seemed quite fond of Xue Yaoyao.”

“The new members are protecting each other.”

The fans started to feel a grudge after Coco’s death.

“How is a fat woman comparable to our Coco? I don’t understand what Spade Z is thinking.”

“There might be something between them privately.”

“Heh, Spade Z had better act properly or we won’t forgive any loss.”

Some fans were just incomprehensible. Even after their idol have clarified the matter, they still chose to listen to other people’s provocation, distorting the entire matter.

Those giving out orders during a battle understood the importance of brevity when planning the layout.

The longer the match went on, the more Bo Jiu understood the responsibilities which the Almighty carried as a Captain.

When she played non-professionally, she didn’t engage in cooperation much as non-professional gaming could be played randomly without much thought.

Even if she had experience directing, she had always used aggressive characters.

Directing a team was a huge test on the team’s cohesiveness, especially when the team gathered in the center.

“Tank, go forward, Yaoyao and Coco come closer, one to my back and the other watch out for ambush at the left, Lin Feng, conceal yourself once we start, attack the sorcerer at the bottom lane.”


During teamfights, the order of the kill was of utmost importance. Killing the bottom lane was typical carried out by the assassin, but how the killing was executed depended on his skill.

That was the formation they were taking, but Coco’s fans were only looking at the surface. “Why is he making everyone surround him?”

Han Susu immediately chipped in. “As vice-captain, he should be taking the lead, how can he hide between the team? Is Spade Z that afraid of death? Does he want the others to die in his place?”

Han Susu planted the seeds. The moment a member died, she would blame it on Spade Z, claiming their death was his fault.

These comments couldn’t be heard by the team members, who had their headsets on.

On the screen, the youngster focused on the match calmly, the fingers on the keyboard were already in position. With a “fight”, the tank went for the archer.

Coco came to assist, wounding the opponent severely as he fell to the ground.

Of course, since this was a teamfight, they wouldn’t die so easily.

The opponents retaliated!

But the opponent was a tank. Therefore after a big move, he realized it had been the wrong move!

This was bad!

At this moment, Spade Z took a step forward, freezing the archer while casting a rain spell!

The opponent’s archer, air, and tank were caught in the spell.

Their HP fell along with the pouring rain.

The worst was that they didn’t have their big move to stop Bo Jiu’s spell any longer.

The tank didn’t have his big move and the archer couldn’t execute his in time, so only their sorcerer could stop him.

The sorcerer had indeed cast his big move and thus a fireball was sweeping across the land.

But Supreme Alliance still had a tank, stepping forward to buy more time for his teammates and also allowing Lin Feng the time to go invisible, heading for a kill.

Their sorcerer’s HP fell by a large chunk.

Plus, a sorcerer with his big move was most afraid of the assassin.

In less than a second, the announcement came: K.O!