Chapter 642 - All-kill Win

Chapter 642: All-kill Win

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The moment the words flashed across the screen, the crowd erupted!

Without any obstruction, Supreme Alliance attacked smoothly.

Everyone focused on the middle lane as the five of them took down the defense tower easily.

Even though the tank was low on HP, one couldn’t forget that Bo Jiu had the ability to heal ━ meaning that he could heal both himself and his teammates nearby.

The five of them were healed simultaneously. Furthermore, it took less time than the other team needed to revive.

It was enough time for Supreme Alliance to take down their city.

Once the city was in tatters, silvery fireworks exploded in the sky, indicating Supreme Alliance’s win.

Bo Jiu removed her headset, shaking out her silvery hair.

The suave movement was captured on the screens, igniting another wave of uncontrolled shrieks.

Even the shoutcaster was feeling their excitement and agitation.

“Replay! Controller, hurry and give a replay! Isn’t it an amazing teamfight?”

“Yes, the sorcerer has great calculations, I never expected Spade Z to be such an impressive sorcerer. With his rain spell, he was able to control the opponents.”

“Do you think Spade Z is the MVP of this match?”

“Definitely, there isn’t a doubt, his directing was simply outstanding.”

“This is the first time I agree with you. Alright, fellow audience, the replay is ready, let us take another look in slow-motion. That exciting moment! It is common for the tank to take the lead and for the assassin to stay at the back, but on closer inspection, you would realize that Spade Z shifted, taking a slight step towards the nine o’clock direction to use freeze before casting his rain spell. This was the key to their victory, the control was absolutely beautiful! His playing style is comparable to those experienced sorcerers, Spade Z is indeed worthy of being Supreme Alliance’s vice-captain.”

There was nothing more exciting than an analysis after a match.

Once the youngster removed his headset, Lin Feng came pouncing over, hugging Bo Jiu’s neck, his fist rubbing the youngster’s silvery hair. “Not bad at all, it was so cool! Especially our coordination, it was beautiful!”

Coco came crushing over, a radiant smile spreading across his face. “Vice-captain, we won.”

It wasn’t just the teammates within the arena, even those in the rest area such as Yun Hu and Yin Wuyao came crashing on top of them.

The youngster was pushed to the bottom, his forehead pressing on the computer while one hand shielded the cat. “Hey, enough, my hair.”

“Don’t worry, Your Highness Jiu, you still look amazing.” Xue Yaoyao countered with a smile at the side.

Even if they weren’t there personally, the special bond between them was obvious.

Over at Coco’s side, the originally displeased fans kept their thoughts to themselves. Since their idol was so fond of Spade Z, it wouldn’t be suitable for them to go against him.

It was a joyous mess and certainly not the scene Han Susu had expected. She clenched her palms, her gaze dimming.

A fan of Coco who had been listening to her provocation turned to eye her distastefully. “Do you finally understand why sorcerers have to be in the middle? It’s the team’s basic formation, the tank with the highest HP have to be in front, the sorcerer with strong attack would be at the back, that is basic knowledge. If you start to conjure such subjective ideas stemmed from your ignorance, you’ll turn into a joke, understand?”