Chapter 643 - Like the Youngster

Chapter 643: Like the Youngster

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This was the first time Han Susu was subjected to such mockery, causing her face to turn a bright shade of red.

The words were a hard slap on her face.

Han Susu couldn’t handle it any longer and escaped while the victorious cheers continued.

The youngster, the MVP, held onto the white cat, the handsomeness that emitted from his face flashed onto the screen perfectly.


Behind the computer screen, Wu Zhen smashed the mouse in her hand, her gaze dark and sinister.

It wasn’t because of Supreme Alliance’s victory, but the white cat the youngster held in his arms.

Wu Zhen never expected to see “Princess”.

Others might not be aware of the cat’s identity, but Wu Zhen was.

That person never allowed anyone near his cat, not even her ━ but now, Princess had appeared in the deserted Young Master Fu’s hands.

Wu Zhen tightened her grip gradually, an evil glow clouding her face until the doorbell rang.

Wu Zhen shut the screen of her laptop, standing upright.

She was still at work and was still in her uniform.

Director Huang came in with a stack of documents in his hand. “This is the chat involving Li Mengran. This chat is very dangerous, we have to speed up to unearth the mastermind. Li Mengran is the only direct user of the chat, ask her about the response she has gotten, how was the tone and if there is anything she missed out. Compile it into a statement and pass it to me.”

Before Wu Zhen transferred over, Director Huang would still call her Miss Wu, but it wasn’t the same any longer. As Wu Zhen was a member of the crime squad, she couldn’t afford to be sloppy in her work.

Wu Zhen clearly wasn’t interested in such a case, she reached for the case as she asked. “Are we still investigating Z? Where is Brother Mo? Is he investigating? I can help out if he is busy.”

“Don’t bother about him, just do your job well,” Director Huang replied sharply. He would never let out anything that should be kept a secret.

Wu Zhen wasn’t pleased, the Almighty’s return was because of her persuasion.

But now… Wait a moment, Li Mengran, wasn’t she the gay’s girlfriend?

“Alright, I’ll head over right now to do the questioning.”

Wu Zhen smiled, her gaze evil.

At 3 pm, Li Mengran was resting after watching the live stream of the youngster.

Incidents had the ability to change households, they really had.

Mother Li no longer persisted in her previous views. In the past, she would frown whenever Li Mengran wasn’t doing practice questions, regardless of the time.

As long as there was spare time, she would make Mengran attend extra classes.

But now, she no longer kept a close eye on whatever she did.

Mother Li noticed something, her daughter seemed to have fallen for the youngster.

Every time she was doing practice questions, she would glance over at her phone at the photos of the youngster.

After looking at the photo, she would start doing her questions with a smile on her face.

Mother Li gave approval, as long as it was this youngster she would agree to it.

But her daughter would just shake her head, her eyes bright. “Mum, you don’t understand, His Highness Jiu deserves a better person.”