Chapter 644 - Investigate

Chapter 644: Investigate

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Mother Li’s heart ached. “Our Mengran is good too.”

“I know that, but I’m not the type that His Highness Jiu goes for.” Li Mengran broke into a faint smile. “I’ll just keep my feelings hidden without causing him any burden. If I’m good enough in the future, I will confess my feelings, by then, I’ll be happy regardless of whether he accepts or not. Mum, you know, he is the sort of person that makes me happy just by liking him.”

Mother Li understood as her daughter’s change was obvious.

Mengran was a daughter she felt proud of and thus, she as mother had started to reflect as a parent’s best state was to grow with their child.

This was the scene Wu Zhen, who was fully dressed in her attire, witnessed and it was rather surprising for her.

She had on a smile, her words polite. “Don’t worry, Madam, I just wanted to clarify a few things to better understand the situation. The police will not expose her identity.”

After the incident, Mother Li changed.

She just wanted to protect her daughter, without much concern on whether the incident would be leaked.

Since Wu Zhen belonged an official body, she definitely wouldn’t reject the request.

Wu Zhen didn’t just jump straight into business, instead, she talked leisurely about Mengran’s current condition, her emotions, and her studies as these were all comfortable topics.

After carving a stable base, Wu Zhen delved into business. “Mengran, are you willing to talk about your boyfriend?”

“His Highness Jiu?” Li Mengran never expected her to ask about the youngster, her concern throwing her off guard as she blurted, “That incident has nothing to do with him.”

Wu Zhen lifted a brow. “That incident? Which incident?”

Li Mengran shook her head. “Nothing.”

Wu Zhen was a police officer, after all, she could immediately tell that she was trying to hide something. She placed her pen down. “Mengran, you should understand it would be best for us to know everything you are aware of. That’s the only way the problem can be resolved. I have always wanted to ask you, why do you still address him as Highness Jiu when he is your boyfriend? That doesn’t seem very normal.”

Li Mengran remained silent.

Wu Zhen continued, “He seemed to have prior knowledge of your incident. As a boyfriend, didn’t he take any precautions? When we arrested the teacher, he kept insisting that it was the little bast*rd that caused him trouble and that he should have paid attention. Who exactly is the bast*rd he was referring to, is he your boyfriend?”

“This incident has nothing to do with His Highness Jiu.” Li Mengran started to panic. “Don’t make things difficult for him, the only reason His Highness Jiu became my boyfriend was for that beast to act with caution.”

Wu Zhen glanced over at Li Mengran, her gaze narrowing. “Is that true?”

“It is.” Li Mengran’s gaze tilted slightly.

In order to catch up to Almighty Qin, Wu Zhen had deliberately taken interrogation lessons, allowing her to catch the slightest change in expression. Li Mengran clearly had something to hide.

Her gaze skewed towards the upper left corner.

But Wu Zhen also knew that persisting would not go far; Li Mengran was trying to protect that gay.

Wu Zhen decided to stop before Mengran sensed her intentions.

But Wu Zhen was sure of a point: There was something about the gay she didn’t know.