Chapter 645 - Interviewing Jiu

Chapter 645: Interviewing Jiu

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It was also linked to the incident.

Wu Zhen asked yet another question about the chatroom, but she could no longer focus. After leaving the Li family’s house, she called Han Susu.

The moment Han Susu picked up, she started to complain. “Why are they still protecting that gay, even the sight of him is repulsive.”

“I don’t like him either.” Wu Zhen lowered her voice. “But don’t worry, I think his luck is coming to an end.”

Han Susu’s eyes lit up. “Sister Wu, do you have any good solutions?”

“I won’t be able to divulge much since it’s linked to my job. Anyways, is there any problem at your end?” Wu Zhen asked as she pulled her car door open.

Han Susu laughed lightly. “What problems can there be? Spade Z fans still like me very much since I used to support him, but since he is so ungrateful, it won’t be long before he starts to regret.”

“Some people are indeed ruined by their self-obsession.” Wu Zhen flipped the documents in her hand.

Han Susu was still vengeful. “It’s alright, we can make a fuss on the official Weibo. Besides, the few Spade Z fans I interacted with aren’t too happy as well.”

“You should be careful not to let others catch on,” Wu Zhen warned.

Han Susu replied, “Don’t worry, my friends are within the bunch, they would definitely be on my side.”

“I’ll let you in on the data I have received. I might be able to get the gay arrested for a few days.” Wu Zhen chuckled.

Han Susu was ecstatic. “That would be great!”

When that happened, everyone would be able to see through him.

Right at this moment, Supreme Alliance’s second match began.

Bo Jiu couldn’t afford any other thoughts.

She began her next strategy, giving out orders decisively.

That day, all Spade Z fans were mesmerized, the image of the youngster imprinted in their minds: with his black headset, giving out perfect instructions, playing at the highest level.

After two matches, it was already 6 pm in the evening and there was still an interview scheduled.

Supreme Alliance chose Bo Jiu as their representative.

Left without a choice, the youngster zipped up his uniform, pointing towards the other teammates. “Wait for me before starting the BBQ.”

Grudgingly, no one bothered.

The thought of food washed out all other thoughts, they only had eyes for meat, forgetting about their little vice-captain.

Lin Feng replied readily, “Don’t worry, we’re going to wait for you at the BBQ.”

Which meant they definitely wouldn’t be waiting.

Hence, the moment the mic was passed to the youngster, he was still thinking about crispy chicken, lamb kebabs, and roasted beans.

The pretty host then asked, “Who’s your favorite esports player?”

The youngster replied firmly, “BBQ.”

Excuse me?

Was there even a player call BBQ?

It wasn’t just the host, even the cameraman was confused.

“Cough!” Feng Yi choked.

With a cat in his hands, the youngster smiled, finally getting back to his senses. “Is there a problem?”

I should be asking you that!

Where did the words BBQ come from?!