Chapter 646 - Almighty Qin

Chapter 646: Almighty Qin

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Was that even a person’s name?

Manager Feng shot the youngster a glance.

The pretty host asked again, “Is there an esports player you admire?”

“Of course.” Bo Jiu lifted her lips. “Qin Mo. I admire both his impeccable looks and playing style.”

The pretty host broke into a smile. “Such flattery, are you giving out sweets here?”

Bo Jiu chuckled.

The pretty host continued, “In today’s match, we noticed that even if you weren’t playing your usual character, you were still able to execute it professionally. I’m sure everyone must be curious when you started practicing the sorcerer, especially since you have always been using more aggressive characters.”

“The day before.”

At theyYoungster’s words, the pretty host paused slightly. “Could you please repeat when you started training this character?”

“The day before,” the youngster replied, not forgetting to calm Princess.

The pretty host was in a daze. “You managed to reach such a level after two days?”

“Ah… Mmh.” Bo Jiu didn’t mention that she had only played for three hours and stopped after five rounds.

The pretty host sighed. “As expected of the new player king in Zone C! I believe the fans, like me, are anticipating your next battle.”

They were indeed.

With just one match of the National League, girls who were a fan of gaming started to be obsessed with the youngster.

His merchandise was in such high demand that it ran out of stock.

A few sales attendants were confused. “I have never seen a gamer more popular than idols.”

I just one night, almost the entire Jiang City had seen the youngster’s interview.

At the end, the silver-haired youngster stuffed one hand into his pocket, another hand caressing the white cat tenderly before glancing over at the camera cooly. It was a sight that sent hearts fluttering.

Beneath all those glamour was a persistence they didn’t know about.

At 11 pm, the youngster finally had his first proper meal, but before he could even finish, he slumped onto the table fast asleep.

Princess sniffed about the table, attempting to threaten the ignorant human with his claws.

But when he caught sight of her sleeping face, he kept his claws, prancing about arrogantly.

Since you fed me, I’ll forgive you this once.

After he had pranced about enough, he wrapped himself into a fat ball, leaning against the youngster’s face.

One human and one cat, comfortably taking in each other’s warmth.

At this moment, at the other end of the Pacific Ocean, the soft rays swept through the white curtains, falling onto a handsome face.

“Qin, do you feel anything here?” The doctor asked in proper English, his hair blonde and eyes blue. With a finger on Qin Mo’s hand, he monitored his response.


“I understand.” The doctor noted it down in English and gave out several instructions before leaving.

Qin Mo was the only one left in the ward, dressed entirely in his white hospital gown, he looked like a white devil that came out from an anime, a classic lord.

“Young Master, do you want updates of the competition?” Deputy Zhang stood beside him, aware of his worries.

Unexpectedly, Qin Mo rejected his offer. “No, I wouldn’t be able to keep it in.”

There is someone in this world that is very important to him, so important that even his game ID was able to mess with his resolve…