Chapter 647 - Investigate and Create Trouble

Chapter 647: Investigate and Create Trouble

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At night in a mansion in Jiang City, Feng Shang watched his brother put his phone down and stuttered, “Is-is it Captain Qin?”

“No.” Feng Yi’s gaze deepened. “Someone entered the arena to cause trouble during the competition, which doesn’t seem normal. I’ll get someone to investigate.”

Feng Shang sighed deeply. “Yes-yes investigate, any-anyone that bullies my idol better not let me know their game IDs or-or I-I will bu-bully them every-day!”

“They might not game.” Feng Yi glanced at his simple-minded brother. “In the future, more people will start to like you guys and for some of them, their affection might not be because of your gaming skills, but because of your appearance. Some of their affection might even be a conversation topic. You have to get used to it.”

Feng Shang clenched his fist. “Not-not used to it.”

Feng Yi smiled, replying slyly, “True, you guys don’t have to get used to it, you just have to play the game well, I’ll tend to the other matters.”

He wasn’t clear about their intentions, but it was obvious that some of them had been brainwashed.

Or perhaps, after today, they would even have an understanding of what was happening but continue to be made use of while enjoying the same emotion they felt.

They felt wronged although they had inflicted harm on others.

There were a lot of such people, who couldn’t be changed.

Feng Yi didn’t care about them, he just needed to sieve out the mastermind.

Tossing coke was a matter that even he wasn’t able to endure.

But after the competition, the youngster had instructed him while wearing his mask, “Don’t let Brother Mo find out.”

Feng Yi knew his intentions.

Qin Mo should focus on his treatment; for Supreme Alliance’s victory and for a teammate.

If it wasn’t for such important things, the youngster would have handled the incident differently.

Sometimes Feng Yi could see glimpses Qin Mo’s past self in the youngster.

That person pulled through step by step.

Suspicion, mockery, provocation, aggression, and ulterior motives.

Because of what he been through, he was able to be reborn as a worthy esports player.

Feng Yi lowered his lids, picking up another call. “Yes, I want to know exactly who took away the fan that was causing trouble, there should be records…”

The investigation wasn’t going well as there had been too many helpers in the arena.

A huge amount of effort and time had to be utilized and the whole ordeal was dependant on the unity of Spade Z’s fans.

Feng Yi decided to meet up with Sister Turtle.

He had always believed that his good looks made him seem intimidating, but after he sat down, he realized the girl in front of him wasn’t the least bit lacking.

She also had a pretty face…

For the first time, he didn’t have to over-explain the matter as the moment he started off, she understood.

“Director Feng, don’t worry. We will protect our youngster to the best of our ability and fully cooperate with the management.”

Feng Yi paused. “I originally prepared for a long stretch of questions.” With such a stringent selection, there would definitely be objections.

“Take care of our Big Spade for the rest of your time.” The curly hair woman stood up, a faint smile on her face. “Please pass on a message to him: Even if the justice you speak of is running late, it will still arrive.